Coffee Break

Help Employees Fight The Back-From-Holiday Low

For a lot of employees, the worst time about having some time off is coming back. In fact, there is such a thing as post-holiday stress that affects more and more office workers. The main reason behind it is that most people feel the pressure to hit the ground running as soon as they’re back. The truth is that it’s virtually impossible to sit down at your desk and immediately be productive on your first day back from holiday. As a result, it’s not uncommon for employees to struggle with lack of motivation, low self-esteem. Some try to compensate with long working hours, which only accentuates the core issue. Businesses need to address the back-from-holiday mood in the most effective and positive way to support their employees settle back into their routine.

Accept that there’s no productivity pill

First of all, there is no magic formula that can create productivity out of nowhere. If you want to help your staff to get back working after a break, you should advertise – as motivational posters in the office, maybe? – the health secrets of a productive day at work. It’s not a matter of coming earlier and working harder than anyone else. It’s about taking care of yourself, with a healthy diet, a good night’s sleep and plenty of reinvigorating exercise. In other words, remind your team that looking after themselves should be their priority. You can also circulate a to-do list for everyone who is planning a holiday so that they know how to organize their work best. However, it’s important to be clear: Don’t let your employees think that you expect them to give 100% on their first day back. They need to catch up on everything that happened while they were on holiday, and to find their old habits back.

Green out your office

Bring more nature indoors

Nature is said to be inspiring and calming at the same time. While you can’t build your office in the middle of the woods, you can certain ensure that you’ve got plenty of natural sunlight throughout the day by asking experts such as Commercial Blinds & Glazing Ltd to manage your light indoors. People find it easier to be creative when they are surrounded by light. Additionally, the presence of plants in the office can affect your team productivity too. Indeed, plants can not only improve the quality of the air inside, but it also lifts the mood of your employees.

Introduce a smart working culture

Finally, bad habits among the team can make it difficult to stay productive. For instance, there is a meeting culture in the US that has been proven to cost $37 billion to the US economy per year. Most meetings, unfortunately, are unproductive as they vary from the schedule, or are set without a goal. If you want to help employees come back to work at their best, you should ensure that there is no meeting planned on their first day. Their time is better used catching up. Also, you need to establish a rule for email management, as a stream of emails can be disruptive if people are expected to answer at once.

Stress at work is at its highest. It’s your role, as a business owner, to ensure that your employees can relax during their time off, knowing that you’ve got their backs all year round. Make it easier for them to perform after their holidays.