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Easy Ways to Customise Your Car

If you purchase a brand new car then you have the opportunity to get it delivered to you in almost any way you want, whether this be colour, wheels, seats and other gadgets.  If however you are purchasing a used car then you don’t have this luxury.

Making a car personal for your needs is important for your own satisfaction and comfort (as you will spend many hours normally in your vehicle).

Here are some examples of things you can do to customise your vehicle.


A very important and attractive feature on any car is their wheels.  Many people spend a lot of time and money when they are choosing new wheels.  There are lots of different options when it comes to wheels but one of the most attractive seems to be alloy.  These give the car that extra feeling of prestige and quality when shined up.  Albeit, changing wheels may not be particularly difficult – it can be an expensive item to change.


You may love the car you drive but dislike the colour.  If this is the case you have three options.  The first is to sell the car and get another in the colour you like. The second is to change the colour yourself via spray paint or the third is to just put up with it.  Changing the colour of your full vehicle is not an easy thing to do and you would need to get a professional to support you with this.  It can be a relatively cheap thing to follow through with depending on the colour type you are looking to change it to.


There are lots of different things you can change about your car interior quite easily.  Simple changes can include things like the seat covers where these are really easy to purchase and fit.  You can also look at things like the steering wheel or handbrake.  Additional added extras you may want to consider could be a satellite navigation system which are really simple to fit. If you’re looking for more interior inspiration, AutoAnything have a dedicated catgeory on their site for this with hundreds of products to browse through.


One of the most important features of your car is the exhaust.  As emission levels must be kept low by law, this is something that is checked frequently when your car is put in a garage for a service to ensure compliance.  Some people though like an exhaust to be a little noisier to give it that sports car feel.  Remembering that an exhaust is not just the pipe that comes out of the back of the car – it spans almost the full length of the vehicle.  Making this change is not as simple as you may think and can cost a few bucks.


Most people will listen to the radio or music whilst driving therefore the quality of sound you receive can be important.  If you are changing the speakers into the car then you may want to think about the back of the vehicle and inserting them in the trunk also to give it that better all round feeling.