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Indodrill: Professional to the core

Determined to operate with integrity and efficiency at every opportunity, Indodrill Drilling Services is tapping into new reserves of professionalism and showing the competitive drilling industry exactly why it’s a market leader.

Start researching into Indodrill Drilling Services (Indodrill) and what you’ll quickly discover is that this is an operation with a difference. It’s not simply specialist, it’s exceptional, and actively seeks out opportunities to prove itself as the best drilling contractor in Southeast Asia.

Founded back in 1993, Indodrill was the answer to a longstanding question; which company can be relied upon to complete complex drilling projects for a wide variety of clients? So much so, in fact, that in a few short years, operations were expanded to include Australia, Europe, the Middle East and Africa. A new operational office was opened in Scotland and suddenly, Indodrill was a global force to be reckoned with, enjoying a world-class HQ office in Singapore.

So, what is it about Indodrill that makes it successful? In the company’s words; “Our track record exhibits a proud history of completing a variety of projects, ranging in complexity and difficulty, exemplifying our ability to operate in any conditions or terrain.”

That certainly does go a long way to explaining things, but there must be more to it than that. After all, practice can make anybody perfect, and Indodrill is more than just well-polished:

“Our management and staff are both vastly experienced and committed to the highest standards of performance, integrity and social responsibility. Our team consists of expatriate and national individuals who have substantial knowledge of coal and mineral drilling, mineral exploration drilling, on-shore and off-shore geotechnical drilling, site investigation, stratigraphic drilling and sonic drilling techniques.”

THAT’S the secret! Indodrill is able to offer clients the very best services because it happens to nurture the most talented team members. When you embrace the best, you are able to enjoy the spoils that come with it, such as innovations that help to maintain a firm grip on an industry-leading position. Enthusiastic, energised staff are the key to development and diversity, but it takes a lot to make a team of professionals feel adequately supported, so as to give them the confidence to suggest new approaches and ideas. However, it seems that isn’t something that Indodrill has ever struggled with:

“From the top-down, our employees undertake every aspect of their roles with great pride and an undeterred commitment to professionalism. We recognise that our people are our most important asset and offer our employees the opportunity to work alongside some of the most accomplished, experienced and capable individuals in the drilling industry, whilst simultaneously providing opportunities for them to develop their professional skills.

“We continually provide training programmes to our field crews, adopt the latest drilling technology and constantly adhere to the strictest safety and environmental standards.”

As you might expect, hiring the best team members guarantees a certain level of professionalism and perfection, and given the extent of Indodrill’s reach, this is particularly vital:

“With a fleet of over 90 rigs, Indodrill continues to expand its selection through the designing and manufacturing of a range of man-portable and track-mounted rigs featuring ground-breaking technology and designs, employing the most modern hydraulics technology available. All of our operations are implemented under controlled conditions and are subjected to continuous regulation and improvement, as exhibited by the granting and renewal of the ISO 9001:2015 certification for our Philippines operations. This certification reaffirms Indodrill’s commitment to providing the most professional, efficient and safe services to our clients.”

Safety is a concern at every level of the Indodrill business model and runs through the mission statement of the company, as well as their comprehensive values. Considering the variety of complex drilling operations on offer, safety has to be a primary concern. As the company states, Indodrill have a desire to “…be recognised and respected for providing the safest, highest quality, most innovative and competitive drilling service to every company we collaborate with, in every industry and country we work in.”

Given that, to date, the company operates in at least nine countries, this is no trite buzz phrase that has been spouted to simply placate a network of current and potential clients. It is a genuine, heartfelt and provable mission that reaffirms Indodrill’s exemplar reputation within the drilling industry. In fact, it’s something of a self-perpetuating success cycle. The reputation that the company enjoys leads to new contracts, which in turn offer opportunities to exceed expectations, which bolster the company’s already enviable reputation, and so the cycle continues, potentially indefinitely, as Indodrill looks set to become a company with real heritage.

Understanding that the way a company conducts itself within regional localities is an honest demonstration of the core values at play, the management team at Indodrill has made a public announcement of commitment – not to shareholders, as so many other professional operations do, but to real people and communities:

“Our commitment to our mission statement and values ensure that we always enable our clients to successfully achieve their ambitions. Our approach is to be inclusive, innovative, and pragmatic in fulfilling our responsibilities to our clients and the communities in which we operate. We fully understand the risks involved in our industry and take proactive steps to make sure these do not manifest in our services.”

So, with a fantastic reputation in place, and a team of rightfully celebrated professionals and offices throughout the world, it seems as though nothing can stop Indodrill. A full-to-bursting portfolio of ongoing projects, including six high-profile contracts throughout Indonesia, is a telling sign that the last 12 months have been exceptionally prosperous, even despite global financial turbulence. Should we be surprised? Whilst other companies may struggle to stay afloat, Indodrill digs that little bit deeper into its reserves of utmost professionalism and naturally emerges as the victor. Endeavour Magazine can’t wait to discover what the team will think of next to set itself apart from the competition, as we’re sure it’ll have innovative business at its core.