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SA Security Group of Companies: 50 years of safety

Since 1968, SA Security Group of Companies has protected South Africa’s assets. In fact, this group take support and after-hours services to another level, not only keeping your offices and facilities safe, but keeping them clean into the bargain! To celebrate their 50-year anniversary, we took a look at this Group’s comprehensive range of services to explore just what they can offer a South African business.

For 50 years, SA Security Group of Companies has worked tirelessly to keep its clients and their property safe. From digital security systems to on-site guards to industrial and medical-level cleaning, these passionate experts work to protect against every kind of threat. As the company claims about their security branch, SA Security Serves: “When they are on site, our clients can rest assured that all of their security needs are being met and surpassed. They not only deter crimes like vandalism, but also secure entrances and exits, verify ID and patrol the premises.” Their efficiency is reflected in their results: with thousands of arrests and well over R700 million worth of recovered goods, these guards aren’t taking any naps!

So, what exactly does SA Security Group offer, and how do they ensure that the security they provide is of an airtight standard? Starting with S.A Security Services, responsible for guards, alarms and even dogs, their results are achieved through a carefully planned combination of organisation and thorough training. The latter is issued at their very own Training Centre, which they have owned and operated for the past 20 years: “Through a highly sophisticated PSIRA/SASSETA registered Training Centre and on-site training, our security officers are trained for any environment and can handle any security challenge your organization may be confronted with. To improve the quality of service even further, a detailed site-specific job description will be compiled, ensuring that all aspects of patrolling and regular duties are identified. This allows us to deliver a tailor-made service to suit your exact needs.” The Centre’s training covers everything from every-day essentials like First Aid and leadership skills to preparation for difficult emergency situations such as armed response, firefighting, handling victims and the power of arrest. With all of this, your guards really are prepared for any situation. As well as the Training Centre itself, all of SA Security’s officers are registered with the Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority (PSIRA) to guarantee their level of professionalism.

This covers the training, but what about the organisation? For every well-prepared unit of personnel, there is the safety-net of an excellent back-up service, always ready to offer information and support should there ever be an event or crisis: “Our back-up service ensures that all of our security officers are supervised by our experienced reaction staff and area managers, who are linked to our 24-hour computerized control centre via telephone, cell phone or two-way radio. Our skilled personnel are always on hand to provide support should the need arise.” For further peace of mind, guard monitoring systems can be installed on-site, allowing business owners to keep an eye on the officers assigned to their premises.

Skilled, prepared staff, back-up systems and transparency: these are just some of the many ways SA Security makes sure that its clients are comfortable with the service they receive. After all, the company knows that when it comes to a client’s security, they need to feel secure! For this reason, it also places a high importance on communication, making sure that there is a smooth channel back and forth between clients and staff.

Finally, as well as taking care of its clients, the Group promises quality by taking care of its employees. Security guards face long, monotonous nights, difficult encounters and the risk of danger: no matter how well trained an employee is, they must be fairly treated in order to remain passionate and rise to the call of duty. SA Security protect against corruption and bribery through incentive schemes that recognise and reward dedication, performance and honesty, and also make sure that all staff are paid in full and on time.

Of course, SA Security’s teams do not consist of humans alone – they are backed up by an array of technology, but even more excitingly, they are sometimes joined by four-legged comrades. SA Security is proud of its dog division, stating that a canine element has many practical and psychological benefits when protecting what is yours. As they colourfully put, “Dogs are man’s best friend, but at SA Security Services, they become man’s best weapon against intruders.” Man’s best weapon – it’s as punchy as it is true! There is a reason that humans have developed such a close bond with canines; in part, it is our shared ability to emote and communicate through eye contact, giving us a connection that we lack with many other animals. However, it was also the mutual benefit we gained from this – humans provided intelligence and apposable thumbs to create safety and consistency, whilst dogs delivered superior eyesight, hearing and speed, as well as being deadly in an attack. Yet, man’s best friend is still just that – as long as a dog is treated well, it will remain loyal, making them the only weapon that cannot be turned against their handler.

SA Security Services supply dogs to both industrial and commercial jobs, but in both cases, reserve them for clients who may experience a greater level of risk. Highly trained, these dogs are constantly under the control of their handler, serving to alert the handler of intruders and protect them where needed. However, they are largely a deterrent – due to their acute senses, and our instilled primal fear of anything with sharp teeth, the addition of dogs to a security force are a powerful tool in making intruders think twice before breaking in.

For those who do not require the above services, as well as those who wish to supplement them with up-to-date systems, SA Security Group also install and support easy-to-use CCTV and alarms. These superior alarm systems activate immediately if an intruder is detected and are supported by the Group’s 24-hour Control Centre and response unit, ready to react instantly to any incident. However, this one-stop shop isn’t done there: during the day, but particularly after hours, companies need two groups on-site – their security team, and their cleaning staff. SA Security Group of Companies provide both. From gardeners to forklift drivers to contract cleaners, SA Cleaning are dedicated to keeping your site as hygienic and clutter-free as their security sibling keeps it safe. Like the flexible security teams, SA Cleaning are able to tailor their services to your business’ needs, whether you own offices or deal in heavy-duty industrial or biological waste. In their own words, they boast their ability to cater to any organization from casinos to care homes, with everything from factories to bakeries in between!

50 years in the community has seen SA Security Group time become a recognised fixture in the area, and with this has come their involvement in several community initiatives. For example, SA Cleaning regularly support various care centres and children’s homes through the donation of cleaning products, relieving an otherwise heavy expense for these organizations and thus freeing up more funds to spend on their patients! Groups that SA Cleaning have supported include Chance Children’s Home and Nurturing Centre, Children of the Light Care Centre, The Good Samaritan Children’s Home, Graceland Care Centre and the Dawie Kabouter Creche. The Group has also taken part in the Caxton “Step Up Initiative”, a campaign that looks to beautify the Caxton area by assigning strips to local companies. SA Security Group maintain Vlakfontein Road, between Fulcrum and KwaThema, through the assistance of Vlakfontein Road resident Steven Baloyi, who they were able to employ full-time for the initiative.

Overall, SA Security Group of Companies are offering all they can to provide companies with the hygiene and security services they need. As they state, “Our principal role is to ensure our clients are free to concentrate on their core activities, safe in the knowledge their working environments are secure and protected.” With extensive in-house and on-site training, tailor-made service packages and clear communication between the client and the team, both at the start and throughout employment, this Group really is doing all it can to help business owners focus during the day, and just as importantly, sleep well at night!