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The Car Of The Year Award Goes To…

This is just our own version of what we think the car of the year should be. This is not anything official, and as it stands, we don’t think there should just be one car of the year. There are so many out there that have amazing qualities, we think there are a few that should definitely take the credit of car of the year award. We think there have been some excellent creations, improved models, and improved prices. Whether you’re looking to buy a high end car, mid range, or a low end car, there are plenty that could win the car of the year award. But instead, we’ve picked one from each category that we think should win our personal award! Maybe this will spur you on to buy one of them, no matter what your budget might be!

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Budget Car

We might as well work our way from going lowest to highest. The budget car that we want to talk about is one that James May from the old Top Gear loves, the Dacia Sandero hatchback. It’s a car that’s perfect for all, and is just so cheap! It’s the cheapest car that you can buy from new, and it has so many features to love. The cars are notoriously robust, but if you were to buy the most basic model, it doesn’t even have a stereo. But, if you buy the ambience model, you would get a DAB radio and other more desirable features. It’s great on fuel as well, which means the running of the car isn’t going to be too much of an issue either. As well as that, it’s a really simple and easy drive, and cheap to repair if anything does go wrong. Can be we sell this car to you any further? Don’t let looks deceive you, it’s going to be one of the best decisions of your life.

Mid Range Car

If you’re looking for a mid range car, you’re willing to bump up the price just a little bit, and one of the best ways that we think you can do it is to go for an Audi A3 S-Line. They’re more expensive than the standard Audi A3, and have that slight sporty edge that you might be looking for from a mid range car. You can view car hire comparison companies so that you can pretend to own one of the models for a few days. You’ll be able to get a feel for the car, and figure out whether it is one you would like to own. The diesel versions are better for both speed, and we think economy. The interiors are smart, featuring a pop up radio and navigation system. Bluetooth is also standard in all models as well as a sporty interior. You can also get models that have start stop features, but may not include cruise control, so keep watch!

High End Car

We’ll finish off with the high end car award. We think it should definitely go to the Range Rover Velar. A extremely nice looking car, that really is the full package. It’s got an engine that produces such power with elegance, the design is so sleek, and it has excellent security features. The most basic model will set you back around £45,000, but it is truly worth it if you can afford a high end car.