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4 Jobs Where You Can Travel and Still Make a Living

Isn’t it a dream to be able to travel the world, never having to return to that dreaded 9 till 5 existence that awaits your return from every holiday or vacation? Well there are many ways of making a living and travelling at the same time. If you reject the traditional notion that jobs are a Monday to Friday affair going to the same office, in the same building, week after week, month after month and year after year then you can find happiness and fulfilment travelling and working at the same time.


  1. Travel Writer


You can travel the world and make a living basically by writing about these travels. Take the example of Nora Dunn who travels and blogs at the same time on the very subject of travelling in a financially sustainable way. She even goes as far as offering a 2-week e-course on how to do this giving tips on free or cheap accommodation or just how to keep costs down. She claims “this created a perfect niche for her writing” so it might take a bit of creative thinking but if you can find a unique angle then Nora’s example shows it’s very possible to make a living as a writer on the road.


  1. English Teacher Abroad

Teaching English abroad is a classic time-tested way of securing work abroad, if you can speak fluent English, are legally allowed to travel and are old enough to work then you’ve basically got the basic criteria for this role. There are various qualifications providers for this type of work so research what you need to do to get TEFL certified and once this is sorted the world is literally your oyster!


  1. Working In An Online Job


It really doesn’t actually have to be a travel specific job you have to be able to travel and earn an income, in fact there are so many income sources that are not location specific and can be done from anywhere, this is the power of the internet that you can be productive from anywhere in the world. In this article there are 103 ways to make money from home, but most of these online income making roles can be done from anywhere, not just home, for example writing or design roles can be done from any place on the planet if you can find a cafe with WiFi, which lets be fair these days you need to be pretty far off the beaten track to not be able to find this.


  1. Work On A Cruise Ship


Obviously to get a job where you can travel and earn a living then what could be better than a workplace that literally sails from place to place, offers you a wage and also provides your accommodation? A position on a cruise ship offers all of this! A quick glance at this blog shows how the writer managed to visit 11 countries in 6 months citing that “thanks to my work on cruise ship I got the opportunity to travel”.


So why wait, look at these examples and see that it’s possible to travel without a vast wealth behind you. Simply do the research and apply for the position or set up your income source and get planning that adventure.

you. Simply do the research and apply for the position or set up your income source and get planning that adventure.