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How Going Back To School Can Benefit Your Career


Did you assume your time at school was over?

Think again!

There are advantages to going back to school, be that through the gates of academia or through the glare of your computer screen with an online course, not least when it comes to your career.

Take a look at the following reasons why going back to school could be a good idea for you.

#1: You can escape the job you are in

Do you hate your job? According to this Gallup Poll taken in 2017, 85% of us do! That’s a frightening statistic, and chances are, you might be among the many people stuck in an unfulfilling career. If so, consider your dream career. Be it for the money, the work-life balance, or the opportunity to follow your passions; you might need extra qualifications to open the right doors for you. While you won’t be able to study full-time if you are still working, you might still consider taking a part-time or flexible online course of study to prepare you for a career change so research the options open to you.

#2: You can advance in your career

You might be perfectly happy in your career, but if you are looking to move sideways or upwards into a new role, you might need the qualification to do it. Again, you might not have the opportunity to study full-time, but by going to night school, or by taking an online course that will advance your career, such as this advanced online MSW degree, you will get to achieve the qualifications needed at some point in your life. Greater fulfillment and higher riches might await you.

#3: You can learn new skills

A lack of training is a common factor standing in the way of career progression. So, if you are constantly getting passed over for promotion, then this might be the reason why. Think about the training specific for your job. What courses do you need to take to build up your skills and earn that promotion? It might be a course in first-aid, IT, or business management. It might even be a good idea to learn to drive if that would give you a competitive advancement. Speak to your employer for advice, and if directed to certain training courses, do the right thing and register yourself onto them to aid your career.

#4: You can expand your interests

Studying can be fun! So, if you are looking for a new hobby, consider enrolling onto a college course to expand your interests. It might be an art class, dance class, or something a little more unusual, such as patternmaking for dog garments! There are more unusual courses here! While these courses can be fun, they might also give you inspiration for a new career. You will then have the option to work in a job that you actually enjoy, rather than simply endure!


Have we sparked an interest in you? If you hadn’t thought about going back to school previously, you might now. For the sake of your career, and a more financially stable and enriching life, it could be the best thing you do all year. Give it some thought, and research the courses that might be right for you.