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Promor: Engineering the best solutions

Servicing the offshore oil and gas industry, Promor has garnered itself a reputation as a premier solutions engineering operation in just a few short years and it looks as though it is just getting started.

Founded in 2011, Promor is the toast of the Singaporean engineering industry, thanks to its focussed appetite for problem solving specifically for the offshore oil and gas sector. Employing only the very best people, Promor specialises in working with Floating Production Storage and Offloading (FPSO) and Floating Storage and Offloading (FSO) vessels and has sought to harness a range of targeted engineering services, for clients on a global scale.

“Promor has developed its own unique proprietary technology, covering internal and external turret moorings, spread moorings, dis-connectable turret moorings, CALM buoys, fluid swivels and offloading systems. These can be supplied in complete turnkey packages to suit our client requirements.”

No messing about, just astute industry observations and beautifully designed solutions for key sector concerns. That’s what Promor stands for in a bid to provide clients with not only the best service that they have ever encountered, but also a simple and transparent transaction that will take them from concept through to installation and beyond.

Of course, there’s more to any engineering project than just ‘designing’, but Promor makes the entire process look so simple that detailed modelling, manufacturing and commissioning just appears to flow as one seamless motion. That is the inherent genius of this innovative, though still young, company. Nothing is too much trouble and even if it does cause headaches, the client will never know and will only ever be in receipt of a perfectly tailored product that solves a number of operation dilemmas.

Problem solving is a tricky business and not one for the easily disheartened or distracted, which is why Promor is flourishing so well. With almost 40 members of staff in place, each as experienced, dedicated and adventurous as the last, there will always be a bright mind that can visualise a solution to any given issue, allowing for the company’s mandate of remaining cost-effective as well as invaluable, to be realised. What’s more, these projects are opportunities for staff to prove themselves,

“Our approach is to use skills training and on the job mentoring and talent development. Promotions generally come from within, except where some new skill set is required and nobody already possesses it.”

By rewarding existing staff before looking to external recruitment, a spirit of community has been put into place at Promor and a sense of innovative working practices dominates everyday activities as well. With the team being expected to remain cutting edge and aware of industry developments, there is a sense of professional pressure, but this is precisely what has set Promor apart from its nearest competitors,

“The industry is starting to pull out of recession thus there is strong competition due to the current state of the market. The challenges are meeting clients’ needs and providing cost effective solutions. We set ourselves apart by managing this through the development of innovative solutions to our clients’ needs that are drawn from our extensive experience and backed up by research and close working relations with suppliers and manufacturers.”

No man is an island, even when working offshore, so it seems, and by embracing collaborative working practices, Promor is laying the foundations for future growth and increasingly larger projects.

For those in the know, Promor’s list of services and products will be impressively all encompassing, demonstrating a clear domination over clients’ needs and a definite grasp of the industry, from within.

As an independent provider of both services and products, Promor doesn’t hide behind other brands, it is out there, under its own name and steam, supplying turret moorings, sub-sea systems and a host of other necessary elements: “The staff at Promor Pte. Ltd. has over 50 years of experience and a proven track record in successfully providing complete engineering services, adaptable designs which provide a flexible approach and solution and proprietary designs for bearings, fluid swivels and major components.”

Imagine doing all of this, whilst also actively protecting the environment and looking for opportunities to increase safety and diversity within the staffing body. That’s a heavy responsibility by anyone’s standards, but Promor takes it all in its stride, having been founded on these principles. Customer satisfaction is always priority number one, but by retaining a firm grip on responsible operating methodologies and being vigilant to support the human resource element of the operation, this is a company that chases more than just the profit margins.

The ‘human’ approach is one that works, if Promor’s huge list of former and repeat clients is anything to go by. Including big names, such as Samsung, Petrofac and Maersk, Rubicon, Quadrant Energy, Bumi Armada and PTSC, the portfolio is certainly strong and only getting more solid by the day, thanks to increasing numbers of new projects being won:

“Promor is currently supplying an external turret on and EPC basis to a S.E Asian client for operation in the harsh South China Sea. We are also involved in ongoing operations support for several FPSO’s operating in the region as well.”

By cutting its operational teeth in notoriously difficult locations, Promor is, effectively, proving its mettle from the moment of inception. Lesser companies would try to get settled by taking on relatively easy or straightforward tenders, but that’s not the way this fresh and fearless team works.

Promor has made incredible ground in just 8 short years, but it’s the future that looks really exciting. With the perfect foundations in place for expansion and consolidation, these are the focus points for the management team in the next twelve months. As more viable projects materialise, Promor will be there, offering a unique and tailored set of engineered solutions. As the industry develops, so too will the team, ready to adapt and go with the flow and as the oil and gas sector becomes increasingly concerned with greener initiatives, Promor’s ethical mantra will play a hugely important role in helping other companies to meet their eco targets. You really couldn’t write a better success story for such a fledgling operation and it’s going to be fantastic to watch it grow.