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Getting the Hunting License in Virginia

Virginia with its beautiful scenery and rich flora and fauna is a perfect place to enjoy hunting. However, you need to have a proper hunting license. It is equally required for citizens and tourists. There is a hunting license for fishing as well. It depends completely on your age, kind of hunting you wish to do and the duration you apply for.

Categories of hunting license

Virginia offers a flexible hunting license categorized as:

  1.       Virginia resident license: Any person who has resided in Virginia for at least 6 months is counted as a resident. The students on long-term visas and tenants also come in this category. Any resident over the age of 12 can have this. The license allows both light and heavy hunting. Additional national forest permits and/or state forest permits may be required.
  2.       Lifetime hunting license: This license is valid for a lifetime and is valid for small animals only. You need to get an additional license for hunting deer, turkey and bear. Also, you need a license for your hunting tool separately. There are licenses available for archery and muzzleloader.
  3.       Apprentice hunting license: This is issued for first-time hunters and is valid for 2 years. The hunter is expected to get approved by the hunter safety course in these 2 years.
  4.       Non-resident license: It is issued for non-residents or tourists over the age of 16. Unlike resident license, it does not include a license for hunting bear, turkey, deer, archery and muzzleloader rifles.


Categories of license:

There is a clear demarcation of what animals you can hunt with a particular license. You need to pay attention to the whole list of animals permitted in your license.

  1.       Basic fishing privileges: This covers fishing in all water bodies. Also, you can fish both freshwater and saltwater fishes. Also, if you wish to fish mountain trout, you need to have the Trout License.
  2.       Sportsman’s license: This gives access to hunting big animals like deer and bear. You need to be between the ages of 16-64 to apply for this permit. It is available for both short-term and long-term durations. The license for deer and turkey is valid from July 1-June 30. It needs to be renewed annually. The annual charge for sportsman’s license is $100.
  3.       Legacy hunting or fishing license: This is issued to anyone under the age of 2 years and is valid till their 12th birthday. After that, they can get a lifetime license on the completion of the hunters’ safety course at no extra cost.


How to apply for the hunting license?

There are 3 options to get a hunting license:

  1.       The official website and app: The official website has the application form for all sorts of licenses. You need to upload the requisite documents. You can use the mobile app also. The Virginia Hunting & Fishing Licence is easy to obtain with genuine documents.
  2.       Call the official number: You can apply for the license by calling on (804) 367-1000 Mention your name, date of birth and social security number to obtain the license.
  3.       Contact the local agent: You can also contact the local agent for obtaining the license. You can contact one at the circuit court.


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