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5 Methods for Marketing Your Home Inspection Business

Marketing is an important aspect for every organization. Even if most work for home inspectors usually comes via referrals from agents, bringing clients in directly could be the difference between a barely sustainable business and a wildly successful one.

If you are in search of ways to effectively promote your home inspection business, below are five marketing methods you need to implement.

1. Using Specialist Software

Utilizing specialist home inspection software might not be the most apparent marketing method; however, this can be an effective tool that helps in more ways than one.

First of all, the software provides the ability to complete mass email marketing campaigns. Templates and graphics are provided, and it’s effortless to fire out professional emails to your targeted audience. The software also supplies detailed tracking, which means you will know how many people opened their emails and the overall success of the campaign.

In addition, the software allows you to track both active and inactive agents, and you have the ability to market directly to them. You can also track activity, upload/add content, and store data — all of which can assist with your overall marketing plan.

2. A Design for Life

Any quality marketing plan requires excellent design. Remember that the design, which covers everything from your logo to promotional materials, is the first aspect potential customers will see. It’s also a quantifier for the perceived quality of service your business provides.

It’s important to keep in mind that the design shouldn’t be determined by your own personal preferences. You have to judge it based on your target market. After all, they are the people you are ultimately trying to attract.

3. Modern Website

If you want your business to have a professional appearance on the Internet, this should all be built around a modern website.

Why does it need to be modern? Well, if you already have a website which hasn’t updated its design in ten or more years, it will appear outdated — not a good look for your business. Beyond aesthetics, an older website will also not be optimized for mobile devices. Considering mobile has surpassed desktop web browsing in terms of usage, this is again problematic for your company’s overall look.

A pretty and responsive website is only the start. Your site should also contain a detailed “About Us” page, contact details, and information on how your home inspection business can help clients. Furthermore, regular blog content is recommended for SEO purposes and as a way to become established as an authority on home inspection.

4. Active Social Media Presence

You might not enjoy using the likes of Facebook and Twitter, but these can be powerful tools when marketing your home inspection business.

However, the effectiveness of social media is all down to the work you put in. To build a following and develop customer interactions, it is imperative you stick with a regular posting schedule. You should aim for at least one or two posts each day on your social media platform of choice. In addition, make sure you reply to anyone who asks a question or provides feedback. The more you intermingle, the more results you will produce.

As for ideas on what type of content to post, this should always be creative, informative, or humorous. Although, if you manage to do a combination of all three, even better. Consider running a contest to generate engagement with potential customers. Also don’t be limited in scope and only post content that will interest other home inspectors. It should also grab the attention of homebuyers and agents.

5. Reviews = Validation

When promoting your business, positive reviews are like gold dust. They deliver validation to potential customers that it is worth enlisting the services of your business. Trying to pluck reviews from customers, however, can be tricky — and that’s even if you benefit from a plentiful amount of clients.

To get people to leave reviews on relevant online listings and your Facebook page, tell them to do so after the house inspection. Let them know how much your business could benefit from a review. If they forget to do so, send a follow-up email a week later and again ask for a review. Just don’t be too pushy or it could work against you.


There are, of course, other ways of promoting your home inspection business. Think about the likes of purchasing search ads or creating promotional materials to give away for free. Whatever direction you decide to go in, just remember to maintain a professional approach throughout. Persistence is also key when it comes to generating long-term results with your marketing efforts.