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COVID-19 Is Inspiring People To Reconsider Life Choices

The current lockdown situation has transformed everyone’s lives around the world. For a lot of people, being stuck at home can be a source of high stress. Many households find themselves struggling to come to terms with a difficult personal situation aggravated by the health crisis. Individuals who have been furloughed have the guarantee of receiving regular wages – even if it is less than they are used to. Others are forced to apply for governmental assistance as they are left without any income. 

Yet, all, whether they are working or not, find themselves with a lot of spare time at hand. Self-isolation can encourage self-exploration. When there is no outside distraction available, more and more people are getting inspired to question their life choices. Is your life where you want it to be? 

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You don’t feel at home anymore 

Nothing is more effective than staying at home to make you realise that it doesn’t make you happy. For homeowners who have a busy social life and those who love travelling, it might be the first time in a long time that you spend so many weeks without practically escaping your everyday routine. Therefore, you might find yourself wondering what ties you to the place. If you can’t get rid of the creeping sensation that you can’t feel at home in your own house, now’s the time to research the best solution. Would home improvement works change your sentiment? Have you considered starting from scratch, such as building houses with house manufacturers? As soon as it is safe to go out, dissatisfied homeowners will be building their dream homes.  

You rediscover your childhood’s passion

Creative hobbies are exploding during the lockdown. Pen and paper, painting, and blogs are helping many to express their inner thoughts and fears. If you’ve to journalling to manage your inner demons during self-isolation, you might have rediscovered a long-forgotten love for words or drawings. Everybody has a story to tell. As such, you might feel that now is your chance to tell yours. You can make most of the lockdown time to work on your creation. Writing and publishing your first manuscript doesn’t have to be an impossible challenge. You can publish your e-book and distribute it in a few clicks. Amateur painters can take on social media to share their works. In other words, for a lot of people, self-isolation ignites their creativity. 

You question your sense of happiness 

Couples who go into lockdown together are sometimes forced to reevaluate their relationship. The little quirks and comments you disregarded as being ‘normal” can create a toxic environment during self-isolation. If your partner has a habit of keeping scores, aka blaming you for past mistakes, the behaviour can make confinement highly stressful. Passive-aggressive nudges can also appear when partners don’t feel comfortable discussing things that have upset them. But weeks of passive-aggressive communication are destructive.

Similarly, a partner who blames you for their emotional crisis reinforces co-dependence and puts unnecessary responsibilities onto you. The lockdown may well see many couples separating. But, it is also a positive attitude as it helps you to understand what you expect from a happy relationship. 

Have I made the right choice with my life? It is the type of thing most of us don’t take the time to consider. Self-isolation, however, allows you to evaluate your choices. From forgotten passions to unhappy homes, we will come out of lockdown knowing more about our dreams and our emotional needs.