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3 Great Part-Time Jobs To Make Ends Meet

Thanks to this horrendous lockdown, many people have lost their businesses, homes, and livelihoods. It’s not been an easy cakewalk for some of us. But there are whispers in the corridors of parliaments around the world, that the lockdown is soon going to be lifted. There is much caution about a second wave arising which is why, many people will be advised to work from home until told otherwise. If you think your current job status won’t be satisfactory for your finances, then you could always take up some flexible and fun part-time roles. There are a lot of opportunities out there and coming out of this mess will be all hands on deck.

Teaching a ‘basic’ skill

Millions of people are slowly going to gather on the roads again and start heading off to work. But what if you were someone who got on the road but you were at work already? Becoming a driving instructor is quite a flexible and fun job. You’re teaching someone a skill that you would consider basic. You have been driving for years and years so teaching someone else to do it, won’t be difficult right? Well, yes it will actually. The art of instructing someone how to drive takes patience, people skills, and good awareness. The BSM instructor training will give you one of the most advanced certified courses available. With over 100-years of teaching, you will be in good hands throughout the 3-month course. It’s only £999 and you will receive VR training as well so you can learn much quicker.

Springtime farmhand

Farmers have had to stop hiring foreign workers to pick the fruit and vegetables that consumers enjoy. There’s simply no way the government can risk allowing hundreds if not thousands of people into the country which could risk causing more Covid-19 cases. Consequently, there are lots of jobs for domestic workers who would like to take home an extra bit of cash. If you don’t mind working in the countryside, outdoors in the fresh air and enjoying the sun, you should apply to be a springtime fruit picker or a general farmhand. You’ll do tasks like feeding the cattle hay, scooping up any droppings to keep the place tidy, and getting the harvest in for the year. There are rules and regulations for your safety so don’t worry, farmers cannot take advantage of your hard work.

Small business savior

Many local businesses are desperate to stay alive through this pandemic. This is why they are looking for people who will do home deliveries for their orders. Many shoppers are continuing to buy online and have their items brought to them safely at home. Check to see if there are any local businesses that need someone to deliver goods to homes in your city or town.

It’s tough on everyone, this lockdown. But, time and tide wait for no man. So don’t sulk, try to find some part-time work which will keep the money rolling in and pretty soon things will return back to normal.