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Turn Your Skills into a Successful Side Hustle


Hobbies are useful for everyone as they keep you productive, enable you to build skills and allow you to meet like minded people (which we all know can be tricky to do in adulthood). They can also be a great way to relax, but best of all, could earn you some extra pocket money too. A hobby you’re passionate about is a fantastic start to a side hustle, here are some ideas of turning that passion into profit.

Make and sell

Do you have a hobby or skill where you create items or a finished end product? It could be baking, writing books, gardening, even making music. Maybe you make handmade soaps, jewellery, knitted items or digital art, either way, all of these things enable you to make cash. If you don’t want the cost or hassle of setting up your own website right away, sell through sites like Etsy, eBay, Facebook and other online marketplaces.

Repair or upgrade

If you don’t want to create items from scratch, why not make money by buying, upgrading and selling for a profit? Vehicles are a great way to do this, you’d buy a car or van for cheap that needs some work, do it up and sell for a profit. You’ll of course need to have a good understanding and knowledge of mechanics to do this, but if you have those skills it’s a great way to utilise them. Don’t forget to find out can I get motor trade insurance with criminal convictions ? (if you have an imperfect past). And figure out all of the logistics before getting started. Other ways you can make money by upgrading is by buying and selling property, although you’ll need much more money to get started with this,

Create content

We all love consuming content. We love to read stories and blogs, watch videos, listen to music and podcasts and much more. But instead of just consuming content, why not consider making some You could start a Youtube channel or write a blog, both of which can be monetised and be very lucrative. You could make music online, make art, apps, whatever it is you enjoy. You could open a new Instagram account and simply document your life, or beautiful photos you’ve taken which people will enjoy looking at- a successful account will lead to sponsored opportunities. Creating content is satisfying for you, as well as for those who consume it.


Now more than ever, since everyone is stuck at home on lockdown, people are looking to improve their skills. So if you’ve considered becoming a tutor then now is a great time to get started. This works well for things like teaching musical instruments, nutrition and personal training advice to others. Utilise video software such as Skype and Zoom to connect with your clients.