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Become a Respected Networking Professional by Verifying Your Core IT Knowledge Using CompTIA Network+ Certification

With networks functioning in almost every organization, it is unsurprising that many employers prioritize networking skills when looking for new professionals to fill the existing roles. But what are these skills and how to acquire the ones that meet the current needs of the market? Let’s try to find it out.

First, a network technician should demonstrate real understanding and mastery of network design, installation, support, network hardware, and cabling as well as troubleshooting. And even if you don’t have a college degree related to this sphere, it’s no time to give up. This is because an IT certification can also provide an avenue for career growth in networking by validating your skills in the mentioned knowledge areas. valid IT credential serves as proof of competence and adequate qualifications that will improve your visibility and make you eligible for many jobs in the field. And here, let’s look at the details of the Network+ badge from CompTIA which validates important IT knowledge and the ability to work with networking components.

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What is CompTIA Network+?

CompTIA Network+ is a vendor-neutral certification that confirms essential knowledge and expertise to help you develop a successful career in networking. By getting certified, trainees will be confirming their skills and ability to configure, manage, and troubleshoot both wireless and wired IT networks. Unlike most other professional badges in this area, CompTIA Network+ also focuses on emerging IT trends including virtualization and cloud technologies.

From a vendor-neutral perspective, here Network+ is among the few industry-recognized credentials that validate professionals have a comprehensive understanding of basic concepts hence can work with different products and solutions which makes them highly demanded specialists. And for many years, CompTIA Network+ holders have been trusted by leading companies such as Apple, Cisco, HP, Dell, Verizon, and Canon among the rest.

What Should You Know About Getting Certified?

As you could already understand, becoming CompTIA Network+ certified shows that you are well versed with just everything revolving around the current entry-level networking domain.

And what is the best about this badge, it has no strict prerequisites and to achieve certification supremacy, you will be required to pass only one exam. This is a comprehensive test N10-007 that focuses on specific networking concepts. Below is an overview of important domains and objectives commonly associated with this assessment:

  1. Networking Concepts
  2. Network Troubleshooting and Tools
  3. Network Security
  4. Network Operations
  5. Infrastructure

Well, there are also some recommended points that include a nine-month networking experience or having the CompTIA A+ credential. But even if you don’t meet these requirements you still can apply for this badge if you are proficient in the listed topics.

What Job Roles Can You Take with CompTIA Network+ Badge?

The CompTIA Network+ certification provides great versatility hence an opportunity to choose a job role from quite a wide scope. Offering broad and updated skills, this credential prepares professionals for different careers.

First, you can apply for positions such as Security Plus Certification , Network Support Specialist, Network Field Engineer, or Junior Network Administrator. Also, the roles like Help Desk Technician, Computer Technician, and System Engineer are available for you.

What Salary Should You Expect with CompTIA Network+?

Monetary gain is one of the biggest benefits of having IT certifications. Let’s observe a couple of average salaries for professionals in the networking sector. And remember that CompTIA Network+ certification can increase your value and earning potential in the organizations you work for so you’ll be able to earn even more.

So, according to the’s latest statistics, the average salary for network administrators is $59k every year while seasoned professionals can make up to $82k during the same period.

System engineers, on the other hand, can earn approximately $80k annually with the highest yearly mark of $123k. As you can see, the one undisputed fact about job roles applicable to you with Exam-Labs N10-007 is that they are well-paying.

How to Prepare for N10-007 Certification Exam

Still, before obtaining the credential and getting hired you need to pass N10-007 exam and here the right preparation plays a crucial role. The Network+ certification is very popular so there are tons of options to guide you and here are few you may want to check out.

  • Self-study materials

One of the main types of resources to use when pursuing your Network+ badge is a range of valid self-study materials. This category includes study guides, videos, and training labs. These options resemble the exam content and can be found on the CompTIA official website and other reliable sources.

  • Instructor-led learning

Self-study may not be suitable for everyone. So, if this is your case, you may want to explore instructor-led learning. The key benefit of this training approach is the freedom you will have to directly consult with an expert on areas that may pose some obstacles to your certification journey. Also, online learning platforms allow students to study remotely from any location with an only requirement to follow the set schedule.

  • Practice tests

It’s never easy to tackle 90 questions in 1,5 hours if you lack some experience. No matter how confident you are to face your visit Network+ exam, you should attempt some practice tests to authenticate your knowledge before you sit for the actual assessment.

Attempting different mock exams will help you know how to approach different types of questions and what are the most common topics that are tested. Also, you’ll improve time-management skills as well as your answering strategy.

The Bottom Line

To sum it up, having the CompTIA Network+ credential is a huge advantage for professionals who want to demonstrate their proficiency in managing different networking concepts. It is also the ace up your sleeve when you aim to attract top-tier jobs that will guarantee the right work-life balance, a decent wage, and opportunities for development.

If you want to validate your core IT knowledge using this badge, then start by confirming your skills in the areas of hardware configuration, network support, network design, and cabling among the rest. Get started today and you’ll find yourself a sought-after networking professional soon!