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Why Get Apple TV? 10 Top Benefits of Buying an Apple TV

To buy or not to buy? This may just be the ultimate question when trying to decide whether you want to finally get that Apple TV or not. The Apple TV 4K has been in the market since September of 2017 and has gained both momentum and popularity since then.

So why get Apple TV? The market is huge, and Apple TV does face some serious competition, which is probably why you are conflicted. However, there are undisputed reasons why you should purchase an Apple TV 4K. In this post, we’ll share some of the amazing benefits of Apple TV so you’ll have an easier time making an informed decision.

  1. Access to Apple TV+

This is hands down one of the most significant reasons why you should get the Apple TV. This is an all-new streaming service from Apple that features original shows and films, bringing the competition to Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Hulu. Before, it was impossible to watch Apple TV unless one had Apple hardware like the iPad, iPhone, and Apple TV.

Right now, however, Apple made a deal to include the Apple TV app on third party TV manufacturers like Samsung. If, however, you already have a TV and don’t intend to upgrade any time soon, getting the Apple TV box is a great idea for you to access these shows and movies.

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  1. It’s Available in 4K

Previous HD Apple TV models could not support the 4K feature, but the latest models do, and users are loving it. 4K has four times the HD pixel count, and 4K TV sales exploded since they emerged.

However, it was a downside for Apple TV for not supporting it, and it would have been unfortunate if they still did not with later models. Right now, though, they did not just include it, they even put it in the name. Of course, the HD model is still available and a lot cheaper than the 4K version.

  1. The 4K Version Supports High Dynamic Range

One of the best things about the Apple TV 4K is the fact that it comes with a high dynamic range or HDR picture tech that allows it to produce incredible pictures. With the TV, you get a wide range of light from the dark to brightest parts, and this will leave you with punchier images that are almost similar to what you see in real life.

This is just as great as the fact that it supports 4K, which more and more users are expecting as the standard. The impact of HDR on an image can be transformative, especially if supported by both the hardware and content provider.

  1. A Multi-User Experience

Why get Apple TV? Because every member of your family will have a customized experience.

Apple TV allows users to switch between profiles and offers personalized experiences based on personal preferences. For instance, you may love watching action movies while your partner loves dramas and kids animated series.

All TV suggestions will be directed to each individual profile instead of being muddled together. The Apple Apps on third party TVs will not offer this function, though.

  1. The Smart Home Advantage

One nice perk of having the Apple TV is that the remote control comes integrated with Siri so you can have an easier time finding the content you want among hundreds. The Apple TV remote is a phenomenal tool that offers excellent user experience as well. Even better, you can designate your Apple TV as a smart home hub and allow you to control the HomeKit devices you have remotely.

Once you use Siri on your iPhone or the Home app, you can give commands remotely, and the Apple TV box will receive them. You can turn on your lights, activate the AC, or close your garage door remotely.

  1. A Superior Processor

Although most other streaming TV boxes may have similar features to those of the Apple TV, its processor is undisputed. Apple TV boxes, whether HD or 4K, have dedicated processors. These processors are designed to run super smoothly, and users experience zero lag while watching their favorite shows.

  1. It’s Portable

Most people don’t think about portability when purchasing TV boxes, but if you do, it is one of the best in the market. If you love vacationing or going on work trips and you need some entertainment with you, you can take the Apple TV box with you. With 30GB or more storage, you have enough rooms for games and apps to enjoy, and once you connect it to Wi-Fi, you won’t miss your favorite show.

  1. Easy Setup

Apple has made a point to make most of its gadgets super easy to install or set up. The initial installation process will take you through everything you need to know thoughtfully on a step-by-step basis. You can sync your Apple gadgets, and even if you’re new to Apple, the setup will still be relatively easy.

  1. 4K HDR Content Is Quite Cheap

While there are many TVs out there offering the 4K and HDR features, most of them charge too much to watch HDR and 4K content. Apple TV, however, offers 4K movie versions for similar prices to those of HD versions of the content. This means that Apple’s content pricing is a game-changer and one of the major benefits of Apple TV.

  1. HD Movies Upgrade to 4K for Free

If you get the Apple TV 4K and still have older HD movies from iTunes, they will be upgraded to 4K as long as the 4K version of the content is available. This is one of the perks of Apple TV because you don’t need to purchase movies again in a different format.

Why Get Apple TV? The Top Advantages of Apple TV

So why get Apple TV? We hope we have been able to answer that question with these top 10 benefits of Apple TV. There are other reasons, like being able to watch tons of channels and being able to use your iPhone as a remote. We hope now you have an easier time making a decision about whether to get the streaming box or not.

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