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5 Steps to An Exciting New Career With Medical Aesthetics Training

If you’ve become aware of the unique opportunity for trained medical personnel to top up their qualifications and enter the lucrative business of non-surgical beauty treatments, you may be wondering if this path could be right for you. 

Perhaps you’ve already spent a number of years in the healthcare sector and you’re looking for a change of focus or environment. Or maybe your circumstances or needs have changed and you’re feeling it’s time to secure a better paying position. Or maybe you’ve just graduated with medical qualifications and you’re reviewing your options. 

Whatever has piqued your interest in this path, you’ll want to know precisely what’s involved in the process of getting qualified and the right steps to take. Here’s a quick guide to finding and completing the right training for you that will set you on the best route to success in the exciting aesthetics sector

Review Your Life Goals & Plans

While it’s certainly true that working in medical aesthetics can be a highly rewarding and lucrative career move or business venture, it’s important to consider which aspects of this industry will be right for you. Spend some time getting clear on what really matters to you, whether it’s quality of life, family time, financial security or an affluent lifestyle. 

There are many ways to enjoy a happy and successful career path within the healthcare sector or the beauty industry, there’s no right or wrong, but it’s worth getting clear on what’s important to you at the early stages, so that you can stay on track with your larger life goals and plans as you make your decision further down the line. 

Research Training Courses & Providers 

Once you’re clear on your vision for your career and work life, the next step is to find out which courses will give you the qualifications you need. The best tool for this research is undoubtedly the internet where you can find a wealth of information on the various courses and training providers. 

Make a short-list of your preferred companies, ensuring they offer the training you need to the highest possible standard. You might even want to call them to discuss your plans or ask questions, they will most likely be more than happy to help you make the right decisions. Don’t forget to check out testimonials of previous trainees. Many companies have videos on their website from happy delegates sharing what they enjoyed or found valuable. These can help you see whether the teaching style and environment will be a good fit for the way you like to learn. 

Book Your Training

These medical aesthetics training courses are increasingly popular and you might find that the best providers are booked up well in advance of their programme start dates. In fact, a waiting list or fully-booked calendar can be a good indication that the company is a reputable and popular choice for others looking to get started in this industry.

Of course, you’re probably keen to get started with your new career as soon as possible, but training with the best company in the early stages can provide the best foundation for your future success. So, even though you don’t want to make any rash decisions, once you have decided which course is right for you and which company you’d prefer to train with, book your place as soon as you can. 

Consider Your Business Plan

Giving some thought to business fundamentals such as projected income, startup costs and route to market will accelerate your success in this field. Doing this before your training course begins will help you to ask relevant questions during your time with your tutor. 

Good Aesthetics training providers will have a sound business background and they’ll know how to make these non-surgical procedures and services profitable. Some of the top companies will also include a degree of business focus and support as part of your training. Speak to your chosen training provider to ask about the degree of business guidance that will be included in your chosen programme. 

Get Qualified

After all your homework, research and due diligence, you will know exactly which courses you need in order to offer the services and business offerings that you prefer. Now all you need to do is complete your training and get qualified in this exciting and lucrative sector of the beauty industry. After investing time and money into getting this far, you’ll want to give yourself the best chances of success by clearing the space you need in your schedule to devote your best attention and energies to the coursework and materials. This step is one of the most crucial aspects of your new career, so doing your absolute best during the training process will serve you well in the months and years ahead. 


If you’re excited about the prospect of a new career in medical aesthetics, these steps will help you get started and create the best foundation for your new specialism or business venture. And, if you already have some medical qualifications under your belt, you may be pleasantly surprised to discover just how soon your dream of working in this rewarding industry can come to life.