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4 Benefits of Using Photography in Office Design

All companies — and especially all employees — want a better workplace. Of course, this can mean different things for different people, making it difficult to land at one decision.

But if you’re a business owner, executive, or HR leader, you’ve hopefully spent some time thinking about this question. Because even when accounting for individual preferences, there are a few universal points that pretty much everyone can agree upon.

And one of those is that any office environment can be immediately improved by some wall decorations and artwork. Specifically, photography is always a big hit. There is just something striking about a beautiful landscape, sleek architectural shot, cool pattern, or even a memorable portrait or group photo.

But how exactly does this help improve the workplace? No matter your industry or where you’re located, here are four benefits of using photography in your office design.

1. Ambience

There’s nothing worse for your mood and energy than being stuck all day — every day — in a sterile, drab environment. And, typically, it’s wall art or other pieces around the office that help to spice things up. While the effect may be subtle, adding the right décor will improve the ambience and make people happier to show up to work.

2. Impression

You don’t get a second chance at making a first impression. Sure, people will come to understand your company and your workplace more deeply over time. But the first things they see will, at least on some level, always stick with them. And this goes double for clients — and prospects — who may only stop by once a year. You want to look your best as soon as people arrive. And nothing makes a first impression quite like some great wall photography art.

3. Creativity

Innovation and game-changing ideas don’t just come out of nowhere. Instead, they are the product of inspired people thinking creatively and having sudden bursts of ingenuity. And you know what inspires creativity the best? Other examples of creativity in action! Just by surrounding your employees with vibrant, thought-provoking photography, will subconsciously get them to pick up on that vibe. If a piece of art could help you come up with the next billion-dollar idea, you would have to be a fool to pass up on that possibility.

4. Personality

Just like in our personal lives, the artwork and photography we choose for our business says a lot about us. What you put on your walls can tell people about your goals and ambitions. For instance, a photo of the Brooklyn Bridge or early Wright Brothers planes might look great on the wall of an engineering firm, while beautiful trees and ocean landscapes would be perfect for a company that provides natural health services. While you may spend a lot of time crafting your message and brand online, this is one quick way to give people a better glimpse into your identity.

Getting the Most Out of Photography Art

Office design isn’t just about aesthetics. There is a whole field involved in the science and psychology of how we as workers respond to different environments. There are in-depth studies showing that people, for example, experience different emotional responses in a room with intense red walls compared to a calming light blue.

While it probably doesn’t make sense for most companies, and especially small businesses, to go too far down this rabbit hole, it is vital to understand that your space will impact your workforce. At a minimum, you should understand that the overall layout, what you put on your walls, the plants located around the office, and even the furniture you choose will all have an aesthetic effect.

No matter your goals, photography art is almost always a good choice. It can enhance the ambiance, make a great first impression, inspire creativity, and showcase the organization’s personality.

Don’t overlook the power of photography art. Sure, they say a photo is worth a thousand words. But when it comes to business, with a little bit of luck, that could translate to dollars.