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US Prez Election News Making Headlines 

The USA, the world’s superpower, the guardian of the planet is all in the news for another major reason. The Presidential elections are slated to be held in November 2020. The next big question would be whether the alpha male leadership scenario would persist or a more liberal government would be put in place. Amidst the corona pandemic, there were several news that was hitting the headlines regarding the US presidential elections.

  • Democrats possibility is high 

 The USA government is currently run by a republican party where the presidential post is adorned by Donald Trump. One can see a pattern in the presidents coming to power, democrats followed by republicans, and vice versa. With polls being conducted to have a view of which party would dominate the elections, the chances of Democrats winning the elections seemed to be a bit higher when compared to the republicans. This has bought joy to the immigrants as the democrats are not isolationist and domestic issues-oriented alone but encourage the influx of global citizens. A lot of immigrants who work in FMCG based outlets and other kinds of shops that cater to the everyday needs of people are being chucked from their jobs. People working in bars, restaurants, best cbd vape are being sent to homes. This has created wide disinterest over the current ruling party of the USA.

  • Trump proposes for change in the election date 

Current US President Donald Trump has suggested postponing the date of US Elections. Multiple reasons are being stated in this pretext. The first being the low growth rates of the US Economy as a result of which the chances of his party not winning the elections are way too high. The second being the lack of interest over the mail voting ideas suggested by the political bodies in the USA. As most of the voting population belongs to the middle class and lower middle class, the luxury of voting using online methods is not feasible. Also, the fear of cyber attacks engulfs the current party in power.

  • Indians and other ethnicities running for the presidential race 

A lot of American citizens of Indian origin and people from the other ethnicities are contesting for the US elections. This has come as a huge sigh of relief for the outsiders who currently reside in the country. Kamala Harris, a person of Indian origin has been picked by Joe Bidden as his running mate. Other notable persons have made huge strides in their respective fields in the presidential candidate’s list as well.

  • Countries in confusion 

There are a lot of countries around the world that frames their foreign policies based on the situation in the United States of America. When the situation in the global domain is already worse, the unpredictability of the US elections is making things much worse.

One can see that US Presidential elections have the scope to change the way the world works. A lot of buzzes are being created around it and people expect good change and the right leadership to lead the world during the hard and difficult to predict kind of times.