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4 Tips For Growing Your Business Through Customer Connection

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Very often, the misconception out in the public space is that a business’s customer service is handled by just one department. That is false and a sure way to lose business. Regardless of the kind of company you run, customer connection through efficient service is the responsibility of all staff. Companies with great customer or client relations in any competitive business scene automatically add value to their operations. If you own or run a business, the onus lies in teaching an appropriate ‘pleasing the customer’ mentality among your workers. Here are some tips for growing your business through customer connections.

  • Never use a one-size-fits-all approach

Naturally, customers love to feel special and get a sense of attention from businesses they regularly deal with. More so, because customers vary, a single approach to attending to all is a recipe for disaster. Treat each customer as an individual and avoid grouping them under one umbrella. For example, with text messages or emails, reach out to your new clients by name. Thank them for choosing your outfit (out of the lot) to conduct business.

You could also do this to send customized emails or even phone calls to veteran clients who may celebrate birthdays or anniversaries or branded souvenirs. These strategies effectively retain and expand your customer base, which in effect, grows your business.

  • Pay attention and respond to customer concerns

It is an unfair practice to respond to your customers or clients only when business is doing well. If your objective is to get your customers to trust and respect your company, immediately attend to concerns they may express at any time. This act alone shows you appreciate their feedback and are willing to help the customer receive the best attention (even in real-time). For instance, Nike makes tremendous use of social media to respond to customer queries and all other concerns via Nike Support. Due to their active social media presence, it is unlikely to miss out on any grievances that may have been expressed by an unsatisfied customer. Admittedly, your business may not be as big as Nike, but you can still utilize app reviews, social media, and your business website to address such issues.

  • Invest in technology and anticipate your customers’ next move

It may seem like a daunting task, but it is straightforward and relatively easy to do. With modern technology, you can obtain customer data, study their buying behaviors online, and anticipate their next move. Remember to adhere to privacy protection laws within your jurisdiction, though. It means that your employees should train to monitor your clients’ purchasing habits to enhance your next product’s performance. In Japan, the mastered art of knowing customers on a deeper level is called omotenashi. Perhaps, you could learn a few things from them and add deeper meaning to the saying, ‘sometimes, imitation is the best form of flattery.’ Learn how to make QR code so that your users can quickly scan items with their phones to read information about your product. It is a sure way to allow technology to do the talking for you.

  • Keep it personal and not merely transactional

You can enhance the customer bond by being more personal and not entirely focused on a robotic way of transacting business. Rather than employing an aggressive sales approach, lean more towards being consultative and conversational. Clients and customers automatically interpret this as pure and natural interaction with a friend. You should ask the customer what they prefer to see in a product and how they intend to use it. The conversational mode is a sure way to reveal a lot more information than you bargained.

Your business will succeed or fail based on how you treat your clients and customers. Customer connection is not a one-off affair because it requires constant monitoring to keep the relationship optimal.