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4 Website Optimization Tips To Boost Conversions


With any business, the hardest part is finally closing the sale and getting the money for your product. Whether you are running a physical store or a website, that challenge remains. With a website, however, you are tasked with an additional challenge. Not only do you have to pitch your product quickly to your customer, but you have to grab their attention as well.

In the real world, oftentimes people come into a store for the sole reason of purchasing a product. Therefore, it is easy to convert a sale in person. Online, however, you deal with traffic every day that is simply clicking and leaving almost instantly. Finding out how to turn those into sales will go a long way towards creating a successful business. Here are several website optimization tips that you can use to boost your conversions.

Grab Your Customer’s Attention

The biggest problem with online websites is that your users will often leave merely seconds after navigating to your website. The main reason for this is that there is nothing to draw their attention and keep them focused on your product. While it might seem easy to grab and keep the attention of your customer, there are a few things that you have to watch out for.

If you keep your website completely professional with no designs whatsoever, they will have nothing to grab their attention. With no excitement, they will navigate away and move towards a new website. On the other hand, if you stick in way too many graphics and designs, the website will lose credibility. You have to come up with an important balance of both aspects. When creating your theme for the website, keep these things in mind. There are also many services that can help you to create a credible and professional looking website.

The last thing that you want to do is to be losing customers due to the design of your website. Your product should do the talking and it should be able to win people over with a proper theme and design. Ensure that your website is properly designed to grab the attention of your customer and keep them focused on your product.

Be Mobile Friendly

Ten to fifteen years ago, the idea of phone browsing becoming an extremely common thing was unheard of. While you were able to access websites, it was extremely tedious and not optimized for a mobile experience. Ten years later, however, everything has changed.

Roughly 50% of all web traffic comes from a mobile device, therefore you have to ensure that your website is ready to accommodate these types of users. Taking the time to make your website mobile-friendly will go a long way towards keeping customers on your website and closing sales. If a mobile user goes to your website and is unable to navigate on it, they will quickly leave it for something else. Don’t lose your traffic because of an oversight, prepare for the future, and ensure your website is mobile-friendly.

Keep Your Page Easy to Navigate

Next, your page should be extremely easy to use and customers should be able to find what they are looking for with ease. While the online market industry is booming, many people are not fully comfortable with the technology behind it all. People still struggle with computer and phone usage. If you have a website that is difficult to use, these people will not be able to find your product quickly enough.

Any time spent figuring out how to navigate your website is time that could potentially lose you a sale. By making sidebars and keeping everything easy for the customer, they will quickly be able to find out how to purchase your product and obtain it. Always make sure that your page is easy to navigate and that anyone can use it.

Add Reviews and Testimonies

Finally, people want to see your product in action and want to hear from other people. If your product is as good as you make it out to be, there should be some positive reviews from people who have purchased it. By featuring them on the website, you can show people that you have a reliable product that is worth purchasing. When people see things like this, they are much more likely to purchase, therefore converting your sale.


By following all these tips you should be able to greatly increase your conversions in the upcoming months. Remember that it might take time to show the true benefits to all your work, but hang in there until then. How do you plan on optimizing your website?