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5 Tips to Increase Footfall in a Shopping Mall

Shopping malls are more than just places to shop now, they are full-on entertainment centers. People go to shopping malls to watch movies, workout, have dinner and so much more. 

With malls becoming increasingly multi-purpose, the competition to grab customer’s attention has also increased. If your mall is experiencing a shortage of customers, it might be time to take some measures which bring your mall in line with the expectations of today’s customers. 

In this post we’ll be exploring some tips on how to increase footfall in a shopping mall. 

1. Digital Wayfinding

Mall navigation can be cumbersome for new visitors. Traditional mall navigation like sign boards are simply not good enough. They’re very confusing to read and often miscommunicate where the customer needs to go to. 

Which is why the world’s best malls now employ digital wayfinding apps. Whenever a customer enters your mall, they should be greeted by a kiosk which can direct them to a mall navigation website or app, whichever is more preferable to the customer. 

This app or website can then help your customer navigate to where they want to go with detailed instructions. It can also point to stores that are offering special discounts and offers.

The possibilities with these mall navigation solutions are endless, as they can be used very effectively for sales and marketing purposes. And you don’t have to hire a team of software developers to make it, as there are easy to use mall interior mapping software available these days.

2. Welcoming Entrance

Visitors to your shopping mall should be greeted by a welcoming entrance. Many malls deliberately have their best restaurants and food stores near the entrance for this reason. The aromas of delicious food items might just be enticing enough for visitors to feel very welcome. 

The ambience should also be on point at the entrance. There should be great, warm lighting, as well as some sort of centerpiece like a fountain (if possible).

3. WiFi Hotspots

Your mall should have dedicated WiFi hotspots that cater to the growing work from home industry. Provide them with a quiet haven with unlimited access to WiFi, and you’ll have a steady stream of customers on a daily basis. 

Strategically located food and beverage stores like a Starbucks in close vicinity to these spots is also a great idea, as they can just sip on coffee while checking their email.

4. Offer Creative Fun Experiences

Like mentioned earlier, customers don’t come to malls just for shopping. They come to spend some quality time and be entertained. Keeping note of this, why not offer some entertaining activities for them to take part in?

Most malls have some sort of entertainment and fun arena with games such as ice skating, video games, water rides, and much more. Make sure your mall has these so it can have returning customers who might come just for these experiences. 

These activities also make the customer feel good about the time they spent at your mall, and may likely return because of these positive experiences.

5. Excellent Food Courts

Your mall should offer its visitors a dining experience they won’t forget. After customers have done all the fun activities at your mall, they’re bound to be tired and / or hungry. Your food court should be isolated from the rest of the mall so it can provide a peaceful dining experience. 

Make sure your food court has spacious and comfortable seating. The lighting should provide a relaxing experience so your customers can enjoy their food in peace and in a homely environment.