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How to Leverage SMS Marketing in 2020

Every business requires a great and effective marketing strategy to prosper. Marketing is essential to make potential customers aware of what you are offering and to promote your company and increase sales. With the increase of the use of technology, there are diverse advertising strategy methods businesses can implement in the modern day. 

One of the most common approaches, very useful in targeting a wide range of audiences, is the use of SMS marketing. However, this must be done properly in order to work. If you want to use this marketing strategy, there are a few things you should know – In this article, we will advise you how to leverage SMS marketing in 2020.

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Write Clear Messages

When it comes to writing marketing text messages, you should be clear and concise, direct, and simple. Potential customers are very unlikely to read the full message if it is too long; therefore, get to the point and be specific. If you are having a sale, make sure you advise them exactly when this starts and how long it is happening. Give the customer enough information to know what is going on and keep them hooked, but not so much information that they quickly lose interest.

Create an SMS Marketing Team

Developing a great SMS marketing strategy can be difficult. If you want to ensure it is effective you should consider consulting professionals with the appropriate skills to support you with this. The SMS marketing pros over at say, businesses often lack experience with this type of marketing. Knowing which types of messages to utilize in diverse situations and how to navigate through this process makes a difference between annoying the customer and making a sale.

Know Your Customer

Your business will very likely offer a specific service or product, and therefore you will have a particular audience that you want to reach. There will be little point in sending text messages about your business to young people, if you are selling anti-wrinkle cosmetics, for example. Additionally, you will want to ensure that the individuals receiving your messages are within a safe distance. Otherwise, they may not be able to come to you. You can achieve this by using customer relationship management (CRM), which measures how successful your messages are.

Use Call-to-Action Buttons

Call to action buttons entails using specific keywords and phrases in text messages to prompt an instant response or incentivize an immediate sale. This boosts the engagement between potential customers and your business, which is your primary goal. Some good examples of call-to-action buttons are:

  • “Show this text.” Requesting individuals to show the SMS they received to get a discount is a simple and effective method to engage in your promotion.
  • “Click here.”  You will often not have enough space in the text to contain all the details your consumer will require. If you are organizing an event, and you should add a link to a map or a video or to your website so that they can access the full information if they are interested. In such cases, using a “Click here” button will suffice.
  • Text-to-Win. Everyone likes prizes, and this is something you can use to your own advantage. If you are not having a sale or organizing an event, you can offer a chance to win a prize from your company—this a very effective approach to remind people about your business and encourage them to come to you.
  • “Buy now.” This tactic is fantastic for those regular consumers who will be easily encouraged to buy if there is a promotion. The ‘Buy now’ button should direct individuals to the product to make it easier for the client.

Get Your Timing Right

Text messages are a quick method of communication. People often use this on the go, and with the number of messages people receive on a daily basis, it is important to get your timing right. This is also the reason why your messages should not be unnecessarily long, as we discussed previously. Customers are also likely to open the messages and forget about it a few days later. 

Therefore, if you are having a sale on a Monday evening, send the messages on Monday afternoon. Studies suggest that last-minute impulses are more effective in increasing sales. Moreover, make sure you do not send text messages too early in the morning or too late at night, which may frustrate potential customers.

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No matter what business you have, you should make the most of the advantages of your SMS marketing strategy by devoting time to creating effective messages, studying your consumer’s demographics, putting a sales marketing team together. This will ensure your business truly benefits from SMS marketing.