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How to Make Your Business Compliant with COVID-19 Health Regulation

COVID and the ensuing pandemic has been an extremely difficult time for everyone. During the opening lockdown, many businesses were forced to close unless they were deemed essential. Now as things slowly start to return to normal, certain precautions have to be taken to ensure that another lockdown does not happen.


This means that there are several regulations that you and your business will have to follow. Failure to do this can result in either a hefty fine or having your business closed down for an extended period of time while people quarantine. The last thing you want is to be closed down again and have your employees out of work. Here are some ways to make your business compliant with COVID-19 health regulations.

Sanitize Your Surfaces

No matter what your workplace is, you are bound to be in close contact with other people touching plenty of surfaces. This means that you will be leaving your germs behind. While a simple solution would be not to touch your face at all, unfortunately, studies have shown that this is almost impossible to do.

For that reason, the government is requiring surfaces to be cleaned regularly especially if they are in areas that are used often by people. This cleaning can be a lot of work and can be extremely frustrating especially if you are trying to get your work tasks done for the day. Fortunately, there are solutions to this. The experts from mention that there are plenty of cleaning services available that will sanitize your office. You do not have to worry about any of it and instead you can sit back and continue on with your day.

These cleanings are extremely thorough as well. They are incomplete in accordance with COVID-19 regulations and will ensure that your office is compliant during the pandemic. Along with this, these cleaning companies can also help in areas not related to the pandemic. While they are there, you might as well see what else can be cleaned. Always make sure your surfaces are sanitized and enlist the help of a cleaning service if you are unable to do so.

Wear Masks

If your job is indoors with other people, it is required by law that you are wearing masks while you are working. Many people are frustrated with this ruling, however, it does not change what the government is saying. There are many different types of maks out there for you to choose from and be safe while working.


While you can go with the standard medical mask because they are cheap and affordable, they do become annoying to wear for extended periods of time. There are many cloth masks now on the market that have custom designs on them. This will allow you to stay safe working at the office while also showing off your style. The masks are also extremely comfortable and are much easier to wear than the standard ones. Make sure you and the rest of your employees are wearing masks in the office.

6 Feet Distance

If you work in a space where people are generally very close together, this will have to change. The government is mandating social distancing and is requiring that people be at least six feet away at all times. This means that you might have to redesign the office and move things around to meet the requirements. Get creative with everything and hire someone to come help you if it proves to be too much work. Always make sure people are six feet apart at your company.

Renew Your Sick Policy

Finally, you have to look at your sick policy and make revisions to it to ensure that people do not show up to work with any symptoms. Remind employees that even if they have a cough, they are to stay home until it is gone. Be flexible with them as well and understand if they are uncomfortable with coming into the office. Renew your sick policy and make changes to it as necessary to ensure that no one is coming in sick to work.

By following all these tips, you can ensure that your business is COVID-19 compliant and following all regulations. Together, we will get through this tough time and emerge even stronger. Even if the regulations are frustrating, remember that they are in place for your safety and the safety of those around you. Do what needs to be done and make the necessary changes. How do you plan on making your business COVID-19 compliant?