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How to Make Your Home Office More Functional


Like with the majority things and situations in life, working from your home has some good and bad sides. It’s definitely more comfortable. After all, this is the only way you will get to wear your pajamas while sitting in front of your computer and finishing your daily work tasks.

However, besides multiple benefits, one of the biggest problems those working from home are facing is staying motivated. That’s why it’s important to create a space which will keep your working spirit and energy high.

These are some of the things you can implement to make your home office more functional.

Create an Office Nook

If you’re living in a tiny apartment and you don’t have space for a proper office, it doesn’t mean you have to do your work from a couch or a kitchen counter. It’s important to take part of your living space, no matter how small, and dedicate it to your professional obligations.

A simple nook with a small desk for your laptop and with a floating storage rack on the wall would be enough. Creating a workspace like this one will help you keep a balance between your personal and business life.

Personalize Your Workspace

As we already mentioned, one of the biggest problems remote workers are facing is staying motivated. Although there are some perks of having an office with minimalistic design, you will feel more relaxed and less anxious if you add some personal touch to it.

Things like photos of your family and friends as well as your favorite painting hanging on the wall will make the whole environment more cheerful and inspiring. Don’t forget, you want to feel happy spending time at your desk.

Bring in The Outdoors

To add more energy and color to your office, make sure you add some greenery to it. Houseplant will make the whole space come alive. Not only is this a great esthetic addition, but the latest studies show it can also boost your mood and productivity.

The indoor plants will also improve the air quality of your room. Spider Plant, Peace Lily, Dragon Tree, Bamboo Palm, and English Ivy are good choices that will remove pollutants from your working and living environment. Positioning a desk below the windowsill can also be a good decision. This will give you a clear view of the outside world, making the working process much more dynamic and less monotone.   


Make it Colorful

Incorporating more colors into your office will make the whole room or the working area more vibrant. Choose the colors you love and the ones that will make you want to spend time in that space. And we are not talking only about the wall paint here.

Use different textiles and decorative items to make the room brighter and the atmosphere uplifting. Black-and-white notebook might give a more serious and professional impression but grey, soft blue and soft pink colors, among others, can make you feel more at ease and inspired.

Invest in Great Chair

If you’re bound to spend hours and hours at your desk then an ergonomically correct chair is certainly one of the most important items on your list. As experts from say, a good chair will awake your inspiration and make you more productive. Majority of people who are spending a large portion of their days seated are dealing with back or neck pain. They prevent slouching and forward head posture.

You will be able to enjoy your job and finish your tasks in a more effective manner if you don’t have to deal with pain on a daily basis. Those living with back and neck problems know how draining it can be so buying an ergonomically correct chair is the investment you will not regret.

Proper Lightning

If your working station is located in the darker part of the house or apartment, you should add some light fixtures and make it brighter. A good lighting will also prevent eye strain and possible headaches so make sure you avoid neon and focus on a worm light.

Whether you decide to buy a small desk or a floor lamp, you will do a huge favor to your eyesight. Also, don’t forget to position the computer in a way that there is no glare from the lighting.

 These are just some of the ideas that can help you to liven up your working space and make it more functional. If it reflects who you are, you will feel more relaxed while sitting at your desk. To increase your productivity and inspiration, make it bright, colorful, and comfortable.