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Looking for a New Home? Here’s What You Need to Consider


When someone is finally in the position to purchase a new home, they can feel overwhelmed by all the things they need to think about. On the other end of the spectrum are people who are simply enticed by the price, or the external appearance. There has to be a sweet spot where the home is both attractive and practical, within budget and in a good state of order.

Here are a few things to look for when preparing for the next step.

External help can be beneficial

If someone views a house, they may have little practical knowledge. Bringing a builder along can be a real advantage in this scenario. Realtors can also help make dreams become reality, and they often have really useful websites.

The Edmonton area is a very popular living space, offering everything from single family homes to rural land or luxury properties. The experts at believe people want to see the average prices for an area, and how many residential listings there are. People also want to access useful articles on realtor websites that cover things like DIY projects or exciting uses for a basement.

Think about the price and the space

If the property is going cheap, why is that? Is there lots of work needing to be done, or is it an undesirable area? People should not just budget for the buying price, but allow for any renovations or essential work that will need to be done once they’ve moved in. It’s essential that folk identify what the mortgage payments will be, and ensure they can meet them long term.

Not everyone can afford a home that is abounding in space. Having said that, parents need to allow for future children when deciding on the number of bedrooms. An ample garden may provide a safe play area for children and pets. An onsite parking space would be a real benefit too.

One bathroom may be ok for a family with young children, but once everyone is older a second will take the stress out of getting ready in the morning.


Check the outside

Review the status and age of the roof, as it may prove very expensive to repair or replace. Look at the windows too. Are they sealed indoors or leaking heat? If the windows are old and in need of replacement, it may be worth offering a lower purchase price.

Don’t forget to look for exterior cracks or rising damp when looking at the walls.

People don’t always think about drainage, but it is very important. Potential buyers need to find out whether there is a sewer system. If it is one that needs to be emptied from time to time, check when this was last done.

Check the inside and foundations

Search the floors for signs of pests such as mice droppings. If there is an issue, insist that the seller pays professionals to come and eradicate these before the house is sold.

If there is mold indoors, this would be a cause for concern. The air conditioning is probably one of the most expensive items in the home, so it’s essential to check it. Does it appear to be working ok? Look at the paperwork and ask to see service certificates or receipts. The unit will be accessible from outdoors too, so check it’s not making any strange noises or covered in rust!

Water heaters are also important to check, because they can be expensive to replace.

Hopefully there are no signs of erosion, subsidence or concrete damage. Surveys are most valuable when they assess what cannot be seen with the eye.

Research the location

Some people move to be nearer their children, elderly parents or friends. Every family member will need to be on board with the proposed location. Check out the neighborhood crime rates. Are their shops, amenities and restaurants nearby? How about places of entertainment for all the family?

It would be a real plus if the place of work is nearby, or there are direct roads or train links. The same thing goes for the local schools. Check how successful they are, and how accessible.

Home surveys can also pick up such things as flood risks. If they are high, the property could become uninsurable and impossible to resell in the future.

We can now see how essential it is to ask the right questions, read the right documentation and make the right research. With the help of knowledgeable friends and real estate agents, there can be a real hope of finding the dream home for the whole family. If the right choice is made, an unfamiliar house can become the place where precious memories are made for many years to come.