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Top Reasons to Study in Portsmouth

Every year, Portsmouth University is one of the most popular choices amongst students and it is easy to see why because both the university and city have so much to offer. The university ranks in the top 30 for student satisfaction and is a great place to prepare for a successful career but Portsmouth is also a great place to be as a student – read on to find out why.

Affordable Student City

Despite being on the south coast, Portsmouth is actually one of the more affordable places to live and was even named as one of the top 10 affordable places to live by students by the Natwest Student Living Index. This means that you do not have to scrape by on a student loan here and can enjoy yourself.


Following this, Portsmouth is a great (and affordable) night out which will be a key factor for many students. It is home to many popular nightclubs but it also has trendy bars, cosy pubs and everything in-between so it is well-suited to all types.


Portsmouth is well-known for its shopping with areas like Gunwharf Keys and Southsea both being popular along with all of your high street favourites on Commercial Road.

The Beach

Obviously, another major pulling factor for Portsmouth is being by the sea. There is something special about living by the ocean, especially in the summer months where you can enjoy relaxing on the beach with friends.

Culture & History

It is not just nightlife, shopping and the beach that Portsmouth has going for it as there is also many cultural and historical highlights. There are many historical museums highlighting its rich maritime history along with music, theatre and comedy options throughout the week and it is somewhere that pulls all the big names.

Transport Connections

You are also well-situated in Portsmouth as a major city which means that it is easy to get around no matter where you are going or coming from. The station is conveniently located so you can catch a train from Southampton Central to Portsmouth Harbour and be back at home in no time at all or easily get into the capital within 90 minutes.

These are just a few of the reasons to study in Portsmouth but there are many more. In addition to being a great university, it is a fantastic city for students with a huge amount to offer in terms of culture, nightlife, being by the sea and being affordable.