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Ways to Achieve a Stable Wi-Fi Connection in Harsh Environments 

One of the most annoying things that we often deal with is a poor or a slow Wi-Fi connection and in some cases, we happen to have both of them. On certain occasions, we can’t wait until we get home for a relaxed time of playing or browsing the internet. However, sometimes we’re met with a poor signal when we’re doing something important or dealing with an emergency online. If you’re put into these situations often, you might want to start thinking of ways that you can enhance your connection, even if you’re sitting in an unhelpful environment that’s weakening the signal that you’re trying to reach. 

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The distance tends to hinder the quality of the signal that you’re getting. This means that the farther the distance gets between you and the Wi-Fi, the slower your connection will be. So, the obvious solution here is to be as close to the server as much as possible. But, what if you’re not in the same room and you don’t have access to it? If you’re put into that situation,  as if you are in a hotel room or even on the street, for instance, you can start to walk around until the quality gets better. Usually, hotels, stores, and other places that provide public internet have a wide range that can reach a lot of people, so keep in mind that when you’re walking around, you’re actually trying to be within that range. 

Browser Tips

There are also other tips and tricks that you can use that might help you out. The first thing that you want to do is close all the unnecessary tabs that you have open. You also need to watch out for open windows, for instance, there are some websites that automatically open another window when they’re being run. Sometimes we don’t see these pages until it’s too late, so if you want to avoid this you can download an ad-blocker that won’t allow these sites to do so. You can also delete all of the saved history on your browser, this entails cookies, cache, anything else that’s saved. This will help you get better internet speed.

The Advanced Mini Link System 

Another device that you can invest in is an  AMLS, this will save you, especially if you’re downloading an important document or a heavy PDF. The experts from stress that if internet users were to buy a device, then they might as well look into a gadget that will help them download videos, pictures, and provide enough signal for at least two devices. Luckily, The AMLS can provide all of these things and it has high-quality material that helps you get a fast internet speed even if a lot of people are using the same WI-FI that you’re using.

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If you’re constantly being put in a situation where you need to surf the internet with two bars instead of four, then you might want to go the extra mile and buy a device that will make your life much easier. Consider buying an external USB wireless adapter that will give you a full bar instead of just two. This little nifty gadget has a powerful antenna that is very sensitive to the waves, which means that it can dramatically boost the connection that you’re getting. It also means that you don’t have to move around with your device to get a good connection.

Fast Browsers

If you don’t have any money right now to invest in a device and need another alternative, consider changing the browser that you’re using. There are certain kinds of browsers that are faster than others, so make sure that you’re using a fast one that can help you out. A nifty trick that you should know is that some browsers have a turbo option in the settings. This feature compresses your data without removing any pictures from your page, this results in faster internet. You can also find ones that have a built-in ad blocker, this is also another feature that can improve your internet speed.


All in all, WI-FI issues can be very frustrating and, unfortunately, we have to deal with this problem a lot. So, if you’re done with the poor connection, consider buying gadgets that can improve your experience. You can purchase an external USB wireless adapter that can enhance the signal; you can also buy the advanced Mini Link System device that can help you download heavy material. You can also consider other options like moving around, changing the browser, and taking data off from your browser.