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When Is a Casino Liable for Injuries? 

Poker, Blackjack, Roulette, and Baccarat are all really entertaining casino games. Blowing off some steam in a casino is one of the best ways you can spend your weekend or day off. The exciting atmosphere and adrenaline rush you get in casinos can take your mind off your worries and keep you focused on the present moment. 

But even though you are there to relax and hopefully win some extra cash, you need to keep in mind that accidents can occur anywhere, even in a casino. That’s why it is essential to know when the casino itself should be held liable for such incidents. Read on to learn the steps you need to take and understand when to hold a casino liable if you were ever hurt on its premises.

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Steps to Take

1.   Seek Medical Attention

The first step you need to take is to seek medical attention. If you are injured in any way, then the casino should provide you with the necessary aid you need. Larger hotel casinos like those in Las Vegas, usually have a doctor on call, so be sure to ask someone to call them or take you to the nearest hospital.

2.   Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer

After an accident, your memory can be a little hazy. That’s why you should ask those in the casino to tell you what they witnessed and combine that with what you can recall to understand what happened. You can also ask to see the footage from the surveillance cameras in the casino itself as most, if not all, casinos in Vegas have them. On the off chance that you can’t acquire them, you should seek the help of Las Vegas personal injury attorneys to get those tapes. When you do acquire them and get statements from witnesses, you can start the legal process to get your due compensation if the casino is proven to be liable for the accident. An attorney will help you get the necessary documents and get your story in check to ensure that you have a watertight argument and indisputable proof of the incident.


There are two possible ways to get injured in a casino. The first of which is a series of events that can happen as a result of your own negligence, while the other is purely the casino’s responsibility. These include:

1.   Slipping and Falling

If you are walking in the casino and you happen to slip, fall, and injure yourself, then that is the casino’s fault. Many casinos have shiny floors that make the space look extremely luxurious. These shiny floors are typically quite slippery, which can increase your chances of falling and hurting yourself. Another way you can slip and injure yourself is if the floor is wet. Not all casinos will put up a ‘caution: wet floor’ sign, making the casino liable for your injuries.

2.   Drowning

Many large casinos have pools. If the pool is too deep, there is a possibility of drowning. There should always be a lifeguard around in case an event like that took place, especially considering that most guests consume alcohol when they’re gambling, which can increase their chances of accidentally falling into the pool. If there is no one around, then the casino is liable for any drowning incidents, and in the event that the victim is not saved in time, their family has every right to sue the casino.

3.   Physical Attack

Most casinos, especially larger ones like those in Las Vegas, are in hotels. Choosing to stay in a specific hotel means that you are leaving your safety in the hands of the hotel’s security. If you get attacked (physical acts of violence, rape, sexual assault), then that is completely the casino’s responsibility. The fact that the hotel’s security didn’t prevent or stop the attack puts the hotel’s ability to create a hospitable and safe place in question. Needless to say, this makes the hotel responsible for any injuries or emotional distress you endured.

4.   Lack of Necessary Measures Taken

If you slip and fall or get injured in any way, the casino must take proper action and get you to safety or a hospital. Even if the casino is not to blame for your injury, they are still liable for not taking those steps to help you after the accident, and they are required to compensate you for the losses.

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Casinos are made for gambling adventures, but if you happen to get injured in one, then you have to understand your rights and know when to hold the casino liable for your injuries. Take all the details of the accident into consideration before filing a lawsuit and consult with a lawyer if your case is deemed as valid. Research the different personal injury lawyers available in the area and choose one who has experience with cases similar to yours. Be sure to go through all the necessary steps to ensure that the issue is handled as smoothly as possible in a timely manner.