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Planning your first visit to London? Know these tips

London is one of the oldest and historical cities in the world. The city is located alongside the beautiful and vast river Thames. It is still one of the most desired tourist destinations in the whole world. London can be much expensive for all the newbies. It can be quite difficult to manage all the expenses without any proper guidelines.

The article provides some of the basic tips for assisting the people who are planning their first to London.

Make plans

Always plan before. It will save you from all the disappointment. Those who do not plan before are indeed most likely to fail. While visiting London, the choices are unlimited. There are numerous tourist attractions in London. Before visiting the theatres of the western side, you have to purchase or pre-book the tickets. It is because these places not only attract tourists but are also crowded with the locals. Therefore in most cases, the tickets usually sell out a day or two before the event. Different applications help in booking the seats.

Similarly, book your seats while visiting one of the most famous London Eye. It will save you from the embracement of standing in the lines for hours just to buy a ticket. The seating capacity is limited and buying the ticket is a practice that must be followed. The best way is to plan all the tour itineraries along with the designated days and timings. This will give you the advantage of getting discounts on advanced bookings.

Eat traditional food

It is often said that English food doesn’t taste good. However, the situation is quite the opposite. You will find numerous restaurants offering vibrant dining scenes and extraordinary food. You will find food from all the cultures quite easily. London offers some of the most delicious cuisines. Dorset offers some of the best cuisines. It is a small county located in the southwest of England. Apart from delicious foods, the best places to visit in Dorset include Corfe Castle and Poole.

Travel on trains

Whenever you land in any country, the priority is to reach the hotel and enjoy a good sleep. For this, you neglect any sort of negotiations with the taxi’s or cab’s driver. The drivers take full advantage of your situation and charge the maximum rent. You are exhausted and jetlagged, therefore instead of going into the trouble of negotiating the price, you accept the offer.

Before making any decision, you must keep in mind that almost all the airports are placed on the outskirts of London. Therefore, a handsome amount of time is required to travel the distance and get to Central London. The black cab charges about £150 to £250 for this one hour ride. And this is quite a handsome amount of money. Instead of wasting this money, you could take the train to the desired destination and save


Following these above tips, you can enjoy an economical tour in England.