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What To Do If You’re In Between Jobs?

What You Can Do

Feeling troubled over what to do when you are between jobs? At one moment, you may find yourself missing the losing hours at your workplace but the next moment, you may be tiring yourself with work. So, are you making the best use of your time? As much as you should be sending out job applications, writing cover letters, and adjusting your resume, you do not have to spend your days with boring routines like this. With that, let us offer you some tips on the best things you can do between jobs, be it financial, career, or just general tips.

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Meanwhile, we would like to suggest having a side job if you do not have one at the moment as it is now the perfect time to find one. Finding a side hustle for yourself is not challenging as it seems to you. In fact, there are various side hustles you can take on for extra money! Find out more about temporary jobs singapore.


In need of a driving force to seriously look for jobs, just take a look at your bank balance!

When you realize that the digits will only get lower and lower over time, this will instantly wake you up from your daydreams as it reminds you of the urgency to get a job. So, what can you do when you see a declining figure in your bank balance? The answer is, budget. Set a budget for your spendings and strictly adhere to it. Money is an inevitable source of stress in the world for most people, furthermore when you are unemployed and you still have to pay for your expenses and necessities.

Plan a Schedule and Commit to it

Without a regular work schedule of 9-6, it is very likely to get sidetracked and be stuck in vacation mode. Therefore, we recommend you to set a to-do list to help you focus on the set goals to achieve. Regardless if it is to remind you to work out, apply for jobs, or have sufficient sleep, it is important to stick to a schedule. The reason being, a lack of routine is one the primary reasons why the loss of a job can make you feel lost in life, since a job provides a fixed routine and more so, a sense of purpose. As such, when you are between jobs, continue to have a routine set aside and make sure you commit to it. Do not hesitate to jot it down on your calendar. You can include stuff like waking up at a certain time, having a fixed bedtime, a set time for applying for jobs, as well as eating, and even exercising. You can also dress for work even if you are at home as it would help to compartmentalize your days.

Apply For Jobs in a Smart Way, and Not Every Available Job

Applying to every single job that is available is not necessarily the best way of landing a new job. Instead, when you are searching for jobs, it is crucial to know what types of roles you are interested in and which companies you would like to work for. The next important thing is to know what are the responsibilities behind the role and how you can contribute your skills to the company.

Discover Your Talents

Rediscover your talents as you make use of time between jobs as it is a great time to recap on your skills. Revamping your resume as you revisit your accomplishments and skills will remind you of your achievements and provide you with an ego-boost. Therefore, do take the time to tap into your skills and interests. If you face some struggles in identifying your talents, you can approach help from a career coach.

Start Searching for Jobs ASAP

Prolonged unemployment does not look good to hiring managers so you should be actively looking for jobs as much as you can. Also, focus on building your resume and minimize gaps by displaying how you make use of extra time. To engage in activities like volunteering, classes, or even clubs to show that you are a go-getter with spare time on hand.

Remain Productive

Just as how sticking to a schedule is important as mentioned above, staying productive is important too. Always remain active by looking out for things to do and grab hold of any new opportunities to learn.

Time to Get Creative

Get creative in terms of landing yourself a job, think outside the box, and make yourself stand out from the rest of the applicants. It is beyond just submitting a resume and expecting to be hired from that alone. It would only be beneficial for you if you go out and attend networking events to expand your social circle and build relationships.


As mentioned, networking is important when it comes to job hunt as it sets you apart from your competitors. Furthermore, we would like to stress that networking is not just limited to cocktail parties and networking events, it is more about the effort in talking to everyone you know and to establish connections with the relevant professions in the business field.

Such opportunities provide the best environment for job seekers to pitch themselves as desirable candidates for positions with the companies they are interested in. Meeting various professionals means that they can act as referrals and this is usually the most effective way to land a job interview.

Besides, job seekers should utilize LinkedIn to establish connections and ask for an intro. Once you have found the ideal roles and jobs, start applying. Remember to custom fit your application to each job. If you have any contacts with the company you are applying to, do not be afraid to reach out to them because referrals are quick to get the attention of a hiring manager.


All in all, job hunting requires effort, energy and research so do take some time to digest the tips we have offered in this article and we hope that it is useful for you. With that, all the best with your job applications, good luck!