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How Blogging Could Help Your Business

Starting a business is tricky. There seems always to be something to think about. If it isn’t marketing strategies, it’s figures and budgets keeping you up at night. But it’s all part of the fun, isn’t it? Sometimes entrepreneurs miss a trick with certain aspects. Blogging is one of them. Blogging has become a huge digital business recently. With people monetising and making money and businesses jumping on the blogosphere to get their business heard. People tend to engage more with individuals and businesses if they feel more approachable. Which is what a blog can do for your business. With that in mind, here’s how blogging could help your business.     

Image source – pixabay – cco license

It humanises your business

A business can be seen to an individual as a money making corporation. Behind the website that person doesn’t realise you might be a one man operation or a small business thinking about their customers. This is where a blog can humanise your business. Making an individual feel like they are buying into someone instead of something. This is where you can capitalise on that point and improve engagement on your website, which should increase sales. 

It’s a great extension of a company website

A company website can be very formal. So a blog is a great extension to that. Allowing people to have more insight into the business. A website is where you want the nitty gritty to happen. You want the orders. But a blog just allows you to have that little customer service element in the digital world. You can use more visual aspects such as pictures or drone footage. The more you focus on a blog, the more your company website will continue to thrive. 

Updating social media can improve engagement 

It’s all well and good writing a blog post, but what happens next? This is where social media can make your blog post shine. Sharing it on your social media platforms will increase traffic to your blog and website. Some platforms even showcase posts from their popular profiles. If you end up having a lot of followers with good engagement, this could open up many doors for you in the long term. Social media like instagram could project your picture and status to many more people. Who may not have been aware of your profile before then. Twitter and Facebook will also use status updates as “suggested posts” for other people. It’s worth investing the time into your online profile. 

It allows you to advertise in a “non salesy” way

Blogging enables you to sell yourself. Without actually selling yourself. Let me explain. A website showcases what you have to offer. It could be services people could order or products someone can buy. But that’s it. It’s direct and to the point. A blog will enable you to engage a little more with your potential buyer. Perhaps explain an offer, a service, or even what your brand is all about. Allowing someone to buy into your mantra. It can also be a great way to help you when it comes to affiliate marketing when using things like the authority site can help you when it comes to understanding this concept in greater detail. 

It helps build your brand

Finally, a blog can help build your brand. It’s a chance to let the world know exactly what you are all about. 

Let’s hope this has highlighted some of the great points of having a company blog.