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How Facebook Messenger Marketing Automation Helps Businesses

With the advancement of technology, a lot of businesses are beginning to realise the importance of automating their Facebook messenger marketing. The benefit of automation is immense as more businesses are embracing automation as a means of streamlining their business operation.

One of the tools your business can use for Facebook automation is the chatbot. It has become increasingly popular and has met mainstream acceptance by both businesses (of varying sizes) and customers. Analyst predicts that before the year ends, more than 80% of businesses on social media may use chatbots or other virtual assistants to automate their marketing tasks.

This is because automation tools like Facebook auto liker chatbot, especially can streamline repetitive tasks seamlessly. This will ultimately lead to lower operational costs, a boost in efficiency and productivity. In order to grow your business and enhance your customer experience, automation will add value to your Facebook messenger marketing strategy.

Before we analyse how you can use chatbot automation to improve your marketing strategy, let’s explore the benefits of Facebook messenger marketing.

Why should you use Facebook Messenger for marketing?

Facebook Messenger seems to be overlooked by some businesses, which should not be the case. Customers are more active on messaging platforms (Messenger, Whatsapp, Telegram, Viber) than social media channels ( Instagram, Twitter, Facebook etc.). If you are still in a dilemma whether to switch to Facebook Messenger for your marketing campaign, here are some reasons:

  • Messaging is now a habit. Studies have shown that we spend on messaging increased by 20% as the user base of the top four instant messaging apps surpassed those of the leading four social media networks. Customer interaction and engagement is better with instant messaging apps. It is more convenient and less spammy.
  • Communication via Facebook messenger is easy and seamless. While many businesses still opt for building apps, the use of messenger as a major communication channel is growing at a steady rate. This is because using messenger for marketing and customer service is less stringent and seamless when compared to the intricacies involved in building and marketing a mobile application.
  • Customer interaction via Facebook messenger is more result-oriented and engaging With the help of smart messenger bot; your customers can enjoy a personalised user experience. From instant replies to friendliness and approachability to 24-hour service to detailed answers, your customers will never have a dull moment with your bot. This will boost your brand loyalty and customer retention.

How chatbot automation can improve your Messenger marketing strategy

  • Improved Lead Generation

We live in a world filled with so much data, and it is challenging sometimes getting our desired customers — individuals who value your products and services as much as you appreciate them. Messenger bots are highly effective in generating authentic leads for your business.

Don’t be stuck in the old method of using a landing page for lead generation. This strategy ferments distrust and can spell doom for your brand. Instead, use the chatbot automation to familiarise with your lead through conversational marketing. Easy-to-use bot builders such as Zebrabuzz can immensely add value to your lead generation campaign.

  • Round-the-clock Customer Support

A lot of times, we hear complaints from business owners about how difficult it is to offer instant replies and round-the-clock support to customers on Messenger. Messenger bots are the best and most efficient solution. You don’t need to hire hundreds of customer care agents. Bots are digital tools, so never take breaks or need rest. They remain active for as long as you need them to be. This is why most mega-corporations incorporate chatbots into their social media customer service strategy. When building your bot, ensure you furnish it with your data library or knowledge base to function optimally.

  • Keep your customer involved 

Messenger bots are beginning to gain prominence on various social media platforms. For instance, many businesses use Facebook auto liker chatbot to create high customer engagement and traction on their Facebook pages. There is also the automated response feature in some messenger bots that enable customers to get instant replies when they comment on Facebook pages. This is not impossible as most chatbot platforms are proficient in creating this type of automation.

  • Increased Sales

Assuming a customer engages with your bot on messenger, make enquiries and leave without a single purchase, is that the end? No. Messenger bots have machine learning capabilities, and can remember that particular customer’s product preferences and follow up with a price slash or flash sales promotion to appeal to your customer, increasing the likelihood of sales.

With chatbot automation, you can design your chatbot to follow up your customers and persuade them to make profit through the ‘woo commerce abandoned cart feature’.

  • Boost your customer loyalty

Messenger marketing automation positively impacted your customer loyalty. Since your customers are able to contact your business 24/7, get instant response, receive follow-ups and multimedia contents, your relationship with your customers will be strengthened. Chatbots enhance customer engagement, leading to improved customer loyalty and retention.