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How to Prepare Your Children for Their First Dentist Visit

Children are naturally curious and love to explore new things and places. However, when it comes to a visit to the doctor’s chamber, they may not feel or act as adventurous as they naturally are due to many reasons, for example, a new place, unknown faces, etc. As the parent it is your responsibility to make your child comfortable during their first dentist visit.

You should not wait for your child to develop a dental condition to take them to the dentist for the first time. Doctors recommend taking a child to the dentist within six months of the first tooth eruption. The longest you can wait is for up to 12 months. Then it would be best if you took them to a pediatric dentist.

Your child’s first dentist visit should be a short and fun one so that your child does not develop any fear or discomfort for their subsequent regular follow up visits. The dentist is supposed to check the inside of your baby’s mouth for anomalies and suggests the best practices to maintain your baby’s oral health, during the first visit.

How to choose your child’s dentist

As with everything about your children, you should put your best effort into finding the right dentist for them. This is not a one-time event, but you will have to come back for regular checkups of your children’s oral health. If located nearby, you can visit Best Dental to find a good dentist for your children.

In addition to regular dentist chamber visits, you should also build up good oral hygiene practices for your child. Make sure they brush their teeth at least two times a day and following the dentist’s recommended method properly. If your child is old enough, train them to use mouthwash before going to bed.

The preparation checklist

When it comes to planning for your child’s first dentist visit, you should start preparing yourself. You should note down any concerns you may have about your child’s oral health and remember to ask during the visit. Even if you feel anxious for some reason, remain calm, because children can sense it. Some of the things you must ensure are:

  • Keep your child happy before and during the visit
  • Bring their favorite toys and food
  • Be patient

In terms of preparing your children, you can stage a role-play game session with your children mimicking a visit to the dentist the day before, prepare them in advance about what to expect. Generally, children remain relatively calm during the morning hours. So, you should try and get a morning appointment with your child’s dentist if possible.

It is also important to prepare your child’s dentist if your child has any specific condition or if s/he reacts to a certain situation in a different way. As a parent, you should also be able to predict your child’s mood and inform the dentist accordingly. Last but not the list, share your child’s complete medical history with the doctor.

Apart from following these best practices, keep in mind that the type of food your child is eating also has a direct impact on their oral health. For example, excessively sweet foods develop cavities and are one of the main reasons for child toothaches. Similarly, excessive cold and hot foods should also be avoided to ensure good oral health for your children.