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Preventing Negligent Driving-How You Can Go The Extra Mile

The recent U.S. census reports indicate that millions of car accidents happen in the country every year. The number of fatalities is equally perturbing. Unfortunately, a majority of these mishaps are avoidable as these are caused due to negligent and reckless driving. If drivers are more sensible and careful, they can save thousands of lives every year. At the same time, steering clear of negligent behavior can also prevent legal hassles because car accident claims are expensive and time-taking. It makes sense to go the extra mile to steer clear of negligent driving. Every person can make a difference, so you need to make a conscious effort to embrace safe driving practices. Here are the best ones to start with.

Start early to avoid speeding

One of the leading causes of accidents on U.S. roads is speeding. Most drivers end up overspeeding only because they want to reach their destination early, while some drive recklessly for the thrill. Starting early is a good idea as it gives you ample time to reach your destination. It wouldn’t take a lot of effort to get behind the wheel an hour early, but you may end up preventing mishaps and saving lives.

Always follow traffic rules

Whether you are on the highway or driving on the city streets, flouting traffic rules is the last thing you should do. Jumping lights, driving on the wrong side, not wearing seat belts, and missing other small rules can make a big difference. Following them keeps you from getting in trouble and makes roads safer. If every driver is proactive about following traffic regulations, accident rates would surely come down.

Never indulge in drunk driving

Drunk driving is dangerous for you as well as the others on the road. They have serious legal implications too, as you may have to pay a hefty fine or even serve jail time depending on the jurisdiction laws. For example, a DUI in Tennessee can bring a minimum sentence of 48 hours in jail for a first conviction. The victim can collaborate with an expert accident attorney Nashville to file a compensation claim as well. It is best not to mix drinks and driving so that you never get into a mess.

Avoid distracted driving

Another negligent practice you should avoid is distracted driving. Talking on the phone, texting, eating, and fiddling with the radio often act as distractions and cause car accidents. No matter how harmless these habits appear, they can divert attention off the road and lead to mishaps. Further, there are federal rules that can fetch fines and penalties for distracted driving.

Be conscious about the surroundings

When it comes to avoiding negligence on the road, being conscious and vigilant about the surroundings is equally vital. Always pay attention to speed limits and other vehicles on the road so that you can keep a safe speed and distance from them. It is equally important to check blind spots before you change lanes. Being proactive about your vehicle’s maintenance also helps. Small actions make a big difference and can prevent major mishaps.

Going the extra mile with driving safety can make everyone safe and keep you on the right side of the law. So start doing it today and embrace it as a way of life.