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Simple Ways To Secure Your Commercial Property


It is incredibly important as a small business whether you own a small store, a hotel, or a museum to secure your assets when you aren’t there. Security is a crucial part of crisis management in business and will ensure that even when you are not on site that your business assets are safe and sound. 

Today we want to speak about just a few of the different ways you can bring security measures to your business this month to keep it safe and secure throughout the year. 

Get a fire shutter 

If you have a small store or site for your business it is a good idea for you to have a fire shutter on the door overnight to protect your things. A shutter can be rolled up during the day so as to not take away from the look and feel of your premises, but will be rolled down at night and secured to ensure no one can get into your store at night and steal from you. You can also get shutters with your branding on them so you can get some free advertising to the building even when you are not there. 

Install CCTV

CCTV is a staple for any business security and it is super important for you to bring some to your premises this year. When scoping out your building to install CCTV you need to be sure that there are no blind spots where criminals could hide. Walk around your building and decide the best place to put cameras and make sure every entrance and window is covered. 

Use motion sensing lights 

One great way to stop criminals from coming close to your premises at night is to use motion sensing lights that light them up as they approach. This can be a very effective deterrent from robbers and will make a massive difference. It is important for you to bring motion sensing lights to your business to light up the faces of burglars and make them more likely to run away before they have the chance to come to your business. 

Alarm the floors 

If you have ever seen a heist movie or any other type of movie with stealing- you’ll be familiar with that grid of red lasers on the floor of museums and jewellery stores. It might seem like something from the movies but you can actually make use of this in your own business. Alarming the floors of your business will ensure that no one is able to come in and walk around before you are in the room. It will make a massive difference and ensure that you are safe. 

Install a panic button 

This one is particularly useful if you are selling high ticket items such as jewellery and electronics. A panic button will call the police for you if someone comes in during the day and tries to steal from you. The button can be placed under the cashier desk and will make a huge difference to you and your staff.