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4 Unusual Car Accessories You Didn’t Know Of

Cars are often considered a man’s best friend, especially when it goes around to getting them places easily. But, with so many car accessories available, there are a few common ones and a few uncommon and underrated ones. While you might have heard of a comfy car seat warmer, there are chances you might not have heard about the car eyelashes. Well, that is exactly what we are going to change for good and help you unveil a few underrated car accessories that you didn’t know you needed until now.

  • LCD rearview mirror

Although you might have seen this in several cars, have you ever considered using it for your car? It is an amazing way to prevent the risks of accidents and they can be mounted easily without any hassle, which is a bonus. Some of them are even guided with an application, which is pretty impressive as to how advanced technologies are now available in the market.

  • Handpresso Auto

Another uncommon and underrated option for car accessories is Handpresso Auto. This is an ideal option for coffee addicts. This is also ideal for individuals who are consistently on the lookout for good and hot beverages when they are driving around for hours. All you have to do with this one is add some coffee, warm water and plug it in. just ensure that you avoid opening it inside the car, especially when it is pressurized.

  • Wheel desk

Okay, hear us out. This is a life-changer, especially for the people who tend to work out of their car for the majority of the day. This accessory lets you turn your work into a makeshift workspace when you are driving around and need to submit a file immediately. It is also an amazing way to get out of the house if the kids are creating a ruckus out of the situation. This might not be for everyone. But, if you travel around a lot for your work, this is likely an amazing option you can look into.

  • Rooftop Hammock

This again is quite an underrated option but is likely one of the most precious finds that you can look around for. It is perfect for a romantic getaway or even a quick travel buddy when you are stuck out in the middle of nowhere for longer hours. Just ensure that you keep an eye out for the instructions for affixing it on the top of the car for smoother operations.

With so many available car accessories in the market, these are some of the underrated car accessories that you likely didn’t know about. But, the list doesn’t end there. There are some rice cookers and kettles as well which run with the car engine’s voltage, so what are you waiting for? You can very well turn your car into a makeshift home without any hassle. Just try and compare the prices and quality of the items before you make the final purchase. This is extremely important.