Coffee Break

Combine Studying and Travelling Successfully

Perhaps, travelling will bring more entertainment and knowledge to keep up your study goals when struggling with life challenges. We usually fear something new, and this fact holds us back from our achievements, from exploring new countries, getting more experience. But how to make travelling close to your study and don’t drop both things.

Here are some essential points for combining school and journeys:

Select a course with study options abroad

You can look for any exchange program which proposes the same course to study abroad that you have at your school. Don’t miss the opportunity if your college gives you a choice whether to go through the subject here or abroad. The second variant is more exciting and privileged. You don’t have to take a gap year when exploring new places.

Take online schooling

To get the right credits some universities offer online courses that you can select and run through learning in any place of the world. The only thing you have to worry about is to do assignments in time and get an internet connection when it is needed. This option claims to proper accommodation and thorough following of schooling schedule. Mind, that you can always get the use of professional help with your assignments at Pro-papers not to fall behind the curriculum.

Appeal to time management

Planning time energetically is an essential part if you are having trips and taking exams in the same period. How to link them effectively:

  • first, do assignments, then go on a trip
  • take into account the duration of your excursion
  • plan to visit all the exciting places before going out
  • have a functional location to keep in touch with your tutor via the internet
  • studying during going by bus or by train (if you have a long distance to accomplish)

Explore new places on holidays

It seems to be rather popular among students – to travel at weekends or during your vacations. Maybe you will find your soulmate and make new friends or just have a rest and refresh your minds. The second point leads to travelling meanwhile doing coursework. If you cannot force your brains to break with new excellent ideas, going on a tour is a brilliant option. They say nature helps to concentrate and explode with functional concepts.

Set proper goals

To make your journey more fruitful and valuable you have to plan all the details correctly. You have to know how much time you will spend studying and finishing your assignments, or the duration of your trips, when you will return to your location to be ready to go on learning subjects. You can put ticks on a map of some most significant places to explore and book tickets in advance. This will save you money and time during the travel.

Use your smartness

You cannot go to a place if you don’t know anything about it. To express your smartness, you have to learn all the points: where the city is located, how much time I need to get to a hostel, whether it contains proper accommodation provided with an internet connection, if it is safe to stay there. You will spend some time when doing the research, but it’s worth it. In that case you will know that everything is just the exact reflection of your dreams.

These tips will definitely help you to make the right choice when combining your travel preferences and the necessity to study. All you need is to obtain self-discipline, smartness and patience, and follow your dreams.

Get Ready to Face Challenges

To prevent you from getting into troubles and deal with difficulties that may appear during travelling, pay attention to the following things:

  • emotional resistance

Life on the road may bring challenges for those who have never travelled before. But don’t be upset! Take into consideration some positive moments of having a cup of coffee with people you are not speaking the same language with, sharing emotions, laughing together, dancing, singing and just having fun – that’s the point. This experience brings the brightest memories of your life.

  • balanced expenses

Booking accommodations or buying tickets run with your financial situation. You have to know how to save money and still have an excellent journey. For example, you can skip going to a cafe or to the supermarket and have a great time visiting an exhibition.

  • security

All parents are worried about their children. It’s normal. Even if you go to the supermarket, they are still worried about you. Children’s safety is their passion. If you follow security tips and travel hacks, your journey will be obviously safe.

  • race

It has to be taken into consideration when you are moving to multi-ethnic countries. Some locations are historically struggling with the problem of racial profiling.  It matters when choosing a place for living. Take this into account and find a hostel in a calm and friendly area.

You see, you have to be a little bit brave to run with some happenings on a road, but it’s okay if you worry about it. In that way, you will plan your trip more thoroughly and effectively.


Overall, studying in a quiet atmosphere under positive circumstances will bring you much more effective feedback. But school or college years are the best period to improve your personal skills on one hand and making your dreams come true while travelling. The last point is rather precious for your lifestyle and vital experience.