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DIY Moving in 2021: 5 Things You Need to Know

Thinking of a DIY move in 2021?

Moving by yourself might sound exciting and a way to save big bucks, but let no one tell you otherwise: it’s work, and if not managed properly, it can be a decision you end up regretting.

A DIY move when you live by yourself is easier to manage. It becomes a different ball game altogether when you’re dealing with family, and pets probably thrown into the mix. In such cases, the best approach is to simply hire professional movers to do it for you.

Thing with moving companies, though, is the costs involved. It can be costly, with the expected prices going up depending on distance and size of your move. If you don’t mind the costs, however, often the case it’s a cost well worth incurring – providing, of course, you choose a reputable mover.

But if for one reason or another you’re considering a DIY move at some point in 2021, here are 5 key points to keep in mind.

  1. You can opt for one of several approaches

When moving DIY, you have the choice of several options:

  • Use a pickup truck – If you own or know anybody (friend or family) who owns a pickup truck, this is a good way to move your stuff, especially if there aren’t many possessions to move. Alternatively, you can rent a pickup truck from the likes of Uhaul or car rental places.
  • Pack yourself and hire movers for transportation – This might be a more prudent option if we’re talking a bigger home (think 3+ bedrooms). You can still minimize moving costs by doing the preparation and packing yourself and only hire the moving company for the transport.
  • Renting a truck – There are many truck rental companies you can rent a truck from. You just need to be at least 18 of age and have a valid DL.
  • Rent a trailer – You need to be at least 16 years old and have a valid driver’s license.
  • Use a containers service (PODS) – Ideal for moving a small home or small amount of items. Also works great when you need short-term storage before or after your move as a POD gives you some wiggle room to move items at your own pace.
  1. It’s cheaper donating or getting rid of unwanted items

It goes without saying that the less stuff you have to move, the cheaper it will be. That said, take the time to move house as an opportunity to declutter your household and get rid of belongings you could do without.

They don’t necessarily have to be old items. Even items in good condition that you think are no longer useful.

You can donate the items or sell them online or offline (hosting a garage sale, for example) which can make you some money.

  1. Starting early will give you a head start

If you’re going to do everything alone – by alone meaning without professional help – the need to start organizing your move early takes even more importance, particularly when you’re dealing with a lot of items.

From planning the move to starting early on the actual moving day and everything in between, you’ll be glad you did your things early.

  1. Learn the basics of moving boxes and furniture

Read articles and watch videos demonstrating the best way to move furniture and other household belongings DIY without using professional movers.

They should prove useful particularly when it comes to packing your kitchen and other sensitive items you may be moving – art, appliances, dresser, books, antiques, pool table, etc.

  1. You might need to enlist help

Unless you’re only moving with a luggage or two, chances are you’ll need some help with the move, DIY or not.

Whether it’s with the packing or lifting, it’s not easy doing everything by yourself, and in some cases, it’s impossible.

If you don’t have friends, family, or colleagues to call upon, you might need to hire labor-only service from a moving company.