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Part Practical, Part Dreaming: Starting All Over Again

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The temptation to start all over again can ride high in stressful situations. Sometimes we have been burnt by a relationship, and we need to move on, or we need to change our environment,  but the reality of the situation is that it requires a lot of preparation. Starting all over again is not just about a frame of mind, but it’s about ensuring that we are aware of the practicalities. Whether you are looking to move to another country so you can draw a line in the sand, or you want to shake up your life in other ways, what are the practical approaches that you need to consider?

The Importance of Finances 

It’s something that we have to prioritise. Because we end up spending a lot of money starting all over again, whether it’s finding a car broker to get a new vehicle so we can streamline our lives, or we are looking to get set up in a new location, finances are everything. Because money can be the root of all problems, if we are looking to start again, we’ve got to make sure that we have a sufficient buffer. Much like people that go travelling, they have to work hard for a long time to get their finances in a good position. Address what you need, and budget accordingly. But then make sure that you are able to earn 20% more of your desired total as this will give you some extra support, just in case surprises come up. 

Thinking About the People That Care About You 

As we may feel absurdly single-minded about starting all over again, we might feel we are in it all by ourselves. But going away from everything you know means that there will be people that miss you. And, in a practical sense, you must consider what the impact will be on them. You may feel that you want to start all over again. But if there are people that depend on you, and you didn’t realise it, consider their feelings as well. That’s not to say you should stop going towards what you really want, but making sure that you are 110% sure that you want to start all over again. 

Asking Yourself If This Is the Right Life You Want to Create 

The most important thing for anybody when it comes to starting over again is to visualise what they want to achieve. When we start a look at what the end result looks like, it gives us a far better approach, because we can set out a structure so we can achieve these things. The big problem many people have when they are ready to start over again is that they have not fully thought it through. This is why you need to look at everything in the round. If today is Monday, and you would be able to be a completely new version of yourself by Saturday, what would you do now to make sure you get to that point? Start to visualise everything that is going to influence your new life. And when you start to picture everything, you’ve got a far better idea of what real-life, practical provisions you need to put in place.

Starting over again is never easy, but we have to realise that it’s a combination of practicalities as well as dreaming.