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Go ergonomic to go economic: how you can work more comfortably

The value of ergonomics cannot and should not be underestimated. Not only is an ergonomic working environment easier on your spine, it’s easier on your mental health, too. As an employee, raise your workspace to the same high standards you are expected to work…and see productivity skyrocket!

Here’s some ‘go-to’ ways you can work more comfortably, to the benefit of you and your business.

Elevate for improved posture

You may have spent hours scrolling through ergonomic keyboards, computer mouses and more. No matter your ergonomic accessories, if your laptop or monitor is not eye-level with you at all times, you’re going to be experiencing some serious neck strain.

According to Pacific Ergo, 52%  of monitors are set up far too low. On their own, the elevation of your laptop or monitor will never be enough. Instead, lift them to eye-level with cost-effective stands and laptop mounts.

By elevating your desktop, you’ll elevate the quality of your workspace and your efficiency. The more comfortable you are, the more profitable you will be. As Alan Hedge suggests in “The Economics of Ergonomic: “For every $1 invested in good ergonomics, enjoy an $18 profit in productivity and retention!” What’s not to love about that?

Don’t forget to clock in your breaks

Modern working culture is hard, there’s no doubt about that, and, in this corporate climate where you always have to be ‘on the go’, taking breaks can often seem counterintuitive to productivity. After all, if you aren’t at your desk, how can you contribute to your company?

This doesn’t have to be the case! Have a walk around the office or stretch at your desk if you’re working from home. Any low-level activity – no matter how ‘feeble’ the exercise may seem – works wonders for keeping you up, on the move and back pain free.

Fit the job to you, not you to the job

Over 33% of all worker injury and illness cases in the USA are a result of ‘musculoskeletal disorders’ – awkward body postures, heavy lifting and repetitive tasks can all wreak havoc on your body. In fact, over 436 million people globally – according to the World Health Organisation – suffer from MSDs.

Of course, it’s best to avoid this condition at all costs, but how? Fit the job to you, not you to the job. By this, we mean you should take action to make your working environment more sustainable. Change your posture and opt for ergonomic cushioning; even the smallest of actions can lead to a massive boost in your productivity.

We understand that making large changes to the workspace is often a mammoth undertaking. But, what if there was a solution to suit you? Partake in a flexible workspace at the hands of BE Offices. With high quality fit-outs available – including complimentary gyms and fresh fruit! – there’s nowhere neither more ergonomic nor as economic as a flexible workspace. Achieve the business lifestyle you’ve always wanted, and bring in the benefits for the long-term.