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How to Stay Organised by Unpacking Effectively After A Big Move

You probably already know how important packing effectively can be before a big move – it can make a big difference to how easily a removal firm can help you and how efficient and straightforward your move can be. But what’s also important, and something many people neglect, is unpacking effectively after the move has taken place. It actually requires just as much effort as packing beforehand, but it’s something people don’t often think about.

Unpacking properly can make getting settled into your new home much easier, and a much more enjoyable experience. So in this article, we’ve got a few key unpacking tips – so you can do it quickly and efficiently, and start enjoying your new home as soon as possible. And so you can find all your stuff as easily as possible.

How to unpack properly after a move – our best tips:

Use a checklist

You should probably use a checklist when packing, to make sure everything goes in the right box. You don’t want your bedroom stuff mixed up with your kitchen stuff, or everything just thrown into random boxes. Packing properly can make unpacking properly much, much easier.

Use a checklist and go through your items to make sure nothing has been damaged. Make sure everything is intact and also nothing has been lost or forgotten. Spotting this early can make sure the removal firm is able to help before they’re left the job. Make sure you photograph anything that has been damaged as evidence if necessary.

Walk through your house with the removal firm

Along with your checklist, you want to make sure nothing is missing. Another important factor is to make sure heavy things are in the right room. You hired your removal firm so they could help with heavy lifting, so it shouldn’t be left to you to move stuff to the right room. By walking through with your removal firm, they’ll also be able to remove any additional packaging and take it with them, making your unpacking role easier.

Unpack the essentials first

Always start by unpacking things you might need for the first day or so. Things like ornaments can be left for another time, but you’re going to need your toothbrush and other essentials almost straight away. One nice tip is to pack an essential box before you leave, and this can be unpacked first when you arrive at your new home, making it much more simple to have everything you need straight away.

Start with the kitchen

You won’t want to skip any meals, and while a massive menu might not be on the agenda for your first night in a new home, you will still want to unpack the basics.

Cleaning products

Unpack your cleaning products next, as you might even want to do a bit of cleaning when you first move into your new home.

Set up a good night’s sleep

Bedtime basics are essential, too. You’re going to be tired after a big move, especially if it was long distance, so you might want to head to bed before doing most of the bulk of the unpacking the next day.

One room at a time

Try and work through your house in a standard manner, rather than haphazardly throwing everything around randomly. It makes it much more straightforward and manageable.

Keep your kids happy

Make sure you’ve got important things out for your kids reasonably quickly, to keep the whole family happy.

Bathroom basics

We already mentioned toothbrushes, but you’ll want to unpack other bathroom essentials, too.

Get rid of rubbish as you go

Make sure you keep everything as tidy as possible, it’ll reduce stress and make further unpacking easier.

Don’t rush

You’ve got years in your new home, so you don’t need to unpack everything straight away. Don’t rush and take your time, and your move should be stress-free!