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6 Things You Can Do To Prevent Climate Change

We collectively have already experienced some of the first effects on our planet’s ecosystem through climate change. Apart from the temperature rise, we see flora and fauna going extinct and changes in local weather as well. You might ask yourself what you can do to make a change? 

On a planet where the climate is ever-changing, preparing for disasters is a must. In the worst-case scenario, we are to expect high floods, hurricanes, and tremendous wildfires, all at the same time and in the same region. There is no safe space from climate change, and that is why we need to make a difference. 


6 Tips to Climate Action

As our climate turns warmer, extreme weather is on the rise too. This is why we need to take action, to safeguard our homes and families. Here are some of the things you can do to both prepare for a climate-induced catastrophe and help prevent it, at the same time. 

#1: Change Diet Patterns

Most of us have heard that cattle farming produces an outrageous amount of greenhouse gasses, and that is why we recommend changing diets. In fact, farming is the number one industry in greenhouse gas emissions. 

Cutting meat and dairy out of your prepping list might be a good idea. This is recommended since it’s very hard to store this variety of food without energy or because it has a shorter shelf life. Also, consuming less meat on a weekly basis will lower carbon emissions. This way, you will both help the planet and equip for a worst-case scenario without meat. 

#2: Waste Less

Wasting fewer products counts as one of the staple factors in climate action for most of us. With wasting less, we mean planning meals, planning energy usage, planning any type of waste we make. It takes a lot, but for most of us, it starts with food. 

Looking through the lens of preparing for disaster, waste should be minimal too. From plastic packaging to fresh produce, we should keep our refuse as minimal as possible, to keep our carbon footprint low as well. 

#3: Grow Your Food

Gardening in a world where the climate is on the loose is definitely complex. Most garden owners and farmers will agree with this, especially in the last few years. The temperature fluctuations and too much or no precipitation will affect your crop production. 

Producing organic and homegrown vegetables and fruit could be one of the best things we do for the planet. By growing our own food, we are minimizing carbon emissions by not taking part in mass-production and are preparing for scenarios when food is scarce. 

#4: Promote Green Spaces

Every tree counts when lowering carbon dioxide emissions. Accordingly, gardens, parks, and treelines are important in fighting for the climate. Planting only one tree can lower carbon dioxide emissions by 48 pounds a year

They likewise cool the area, prevent landslides and floods by absorbing surface rainwater and consolidating the terrain. Therefore, we trust that promoting green spaces and planting trees are key in preventing climate change. 

#5: Reuse, Not Just Recycle

Recycling is now everywhere, and everyone recycles. But the best you can do for both your budget and the earth is to reuse. Therefore, before you throw any packaging into the recycling bin, make sure if you can reuse it sometime later. 

This technique is useful in both today’s standards of climate change prevention and in the instance of natural disasters. So, before you buy that single-use plastic container, analyze if there is another packaging option. In the end, use glass or metal containers in your home.

#6: Weatherize Your Home

Your home is the most probable space to meet disaster, even when talking about climate change catastrophes or super-storms. Therefore, insulate your space properly and make sure no air leaks or drafts form. 

In this manner, your energy bills will be lower, your home will be safe from temperature fluctuations and you will lower your carbon emissions by using less energy. Making your home energy efficient will both help your pocket and the climate, at the same time. 



Remember that it is always up to us to stop these events and take climate action. We believe it is key to prepare for worst-case scenarios, but more importantly, act before they even start to occur. 

Fighting climate change starts with us, regardless of our background. Climate catastrophes can strike at any time, and there is no safe space. Therefore, take action now, use our 6 things you can do to prevent climate change, and don’t forget to stock up!