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What Is An Eco Friendly Copywriter, And How To Become One

When creating a brand, the prime focus usually tends to be the website and the design. But there is something much more important, and that is the words that will attract the most loyal customers, followers, and supporters.

A copywriter creates persuasive content and publicity material for a brand to attract leads to take some action – subscribing to a newsletter list, buying a product, or taking part in a contest. A copywriter could be assigned to write newsletters, blog posts, website copy, SEO, and product descriptions.

The difference between a common and an eco-friendly copywriter is that one works with all kinds of brands, and the other works with like-minded, sustainable brands. An eco-friendly copywriter can tap into the hearts of those who care for the earth, sustainability, and conscious living.

To become an eco-friendly copywriter, you must:

  • Listen

First and foremost, know how to listen. Strengthen this quality and skill because it will serve you to build relationships with the brands and organizations that seek you out for your copywriting services.

  • Be connected emotionally to the brand’s principles.

Accept work only from and with brands you feel connected to and inspired by – because having a sincere connection to the brand will help you create truthful work as their copywriter.

  • Hook your leads with the right words.

Words are powerful – they can either pull in or repel. Use the words and emotionally driven storytelling that causes a healthy emotional hook to inspire them to take action.

You don’t have to know all the advanced and fancy vocabulary, just the right words for the right leads. But never remain stagnant – use any opportunity to learn new words and language tactics.

  • Know your niches.

There are multiple eco-friendly brands, such as packaged goods, crafts, fashion industries, etc. Go the extra mile and learn all you can about each of them because you’re more likely to get jobs with knowledge and familiarity of the multiple branches in your field than just knowing about one.

Lastly, there will be brands that appear to be eco-friendly but will seek to hide certain ingredients per se, and it will come down to you, the copywriter, to follow along or not. An eco-friendly copywriter is not necessarily an activist or preacher. But one that cares to lead communication by purpose, truth, honesty, sincerity, and ethics. If you strive to become one (if you aren’t already), make sure you keep yourself steady and honor your values.