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Benefits of Using Commercial Cleaning Calgary

The past two years have had an impact on the working lives of each of us, let alone our home lives. Being forced to adapt to new working practices in a very short time led to new mindsets coming to the fore. Furthermore, the pandemic has reminded us of one thing I particular – cleanliness is vital for good health.

We saw the virus spread incredibly quickly in the early days and new variants are now in play. The concern now is that with many businesses – particularly those with office-based working patterns – inviting the workforce to return to the office it is the employer’s duty to ensure that office and other working spaces are as clean and sanitized as possible.

Look at it this way: when working from home the individual is aware of the cleaning that has been carried out. Going back to an office where there will be multiple persons, they also need reassurance that the workplace has been given as thorough a clean as possible and will be treated to regular cleaning. This is where small businesses – as well as larger corporations – may wish to engage the services of an established name in Commercial Cleaning Calgary – Picture Perfect Cleaning who can put together a tailored package that will be to your satisfaction. Why else is a commercial cleaning company a good investment?

Why a Clean Workplace is Better for Productivity

To ensure a clean and healthy workplace you need to put into place regular routines that give your staff the confidence everything is being done to protect them not just from covid-19 but from all such viruses and bacteria that can be found in a general office environment.

A professional company will attend to all necessary areas including the telephone handsets, computer keyboards and screens, desks, peripheral equipment and anything in the office you choose to include in your package. They will also see that kitchen, relaxation and – most importantly of all – bathroom facilities are regularly cleaned.

If your staff can relax in the knowledge that you have a professional company attending to the regular cleaning, they will be more likely to return to the levels of productivity they were achieving in the pre-pandemic days. But why should you not employ your own cleaners? Let’s have a look.

Outsourcing Cleaning vs. In House

You could employ a cleaner or a cleaning team on a full or part-time basis. But is it worth it? Who will you be employing? Someone who is experienced in office cleaning, of course, but are they sufficiently equipped and knowledgeable to approach the job as is required post-pandemic? Cleaning an office now is more than simply a quick vacuuming of the floor and a wipe over the surfaces.

The professionals will not only use the latest techniques and equipment but will also be doing the same for many other clients. This means that the cost of the team will be spread over a few offices – including yours. The result is that what you pay for an experienced, professional Calgary office cleaning service will be far less than you would pay a part-time salary for two or three in-house cleaners.

Getting the Best from Your Team

It is understandable that some of your employees may be wary of returning to the office right now. They still have concerns about the virus, as do we all. However, by doing all you can to reassure them that you are providing a clean, sanitized and healthy place to work in they are more likely to enjoy their working day and perform their roles to the level you know they can.