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Royal Titles: Your Life Upgraded?

Have you ever wondered what it would be treated like royalty? It’s not hard to believe that dropping any royal titles you have into the conversation while booking a good table at a restaurant or while booking a flight over the phone could see you landing a free upgrade.

Although buying yourself a royal title may not guarantee that you get preferential treatment everywhere you go, having a title tends to exert some influence over people, which can help upgrade your life in some small way, both personally and professionally.

The thought of getting outstanding service and preferential treatment in a posh restaurant, or being able to browse the shelves of a designer clothes store without a snooty shop assistant shadowing your every move, can be enough to tempt people into buying themselves one of the many royal titles currently on offer.

After all, who doesn’t want to get a taste of living life like a royal? Would you say no to a free flight upgrade, a better hotel room at no extra cost, or complimentary after-dinner drinks at a posh restaurant?

Winning Friends & Influencing People

We are not saying that buying yourself a royal title will automatically open doors for you in your chosen career, but sometimes having a title can carry some weight when it comes to impressing potential new business clients.

Having a royal title can help make you stand out from the crowd. If nothing else, having a title can make people more curious about you, and you can use this as a great way to break the ice when networking and meeting new people.

It can be a real conversation starter at drinks parties and business meetings when you are trying your best to impress new business associates and forge new relationships. At the end of the day, people love to rub shoulders with nobility, so having a title could give you a taste of how the other half live!

Types of Royal Titles On Offer

If you are thinking of buying a royal title to see if it can help elevate your life, or you simply want to buy one for fun to find out just how differently people will treat you in everyday life, there are many different royal titles to consider.

While it can be nearly impossible to get an official British ‘Lord’ or ‘Lady’ royal title, unless you are actually born into royalty or marry into it, you can purchase other official titles and style yourself as a Lord or Lady of an official overseas province in your own right.

As well as official Lord or Lady titles, you can also choose to become a Baron or Baroness, a Viscount or Viscountess, a Count or Countess, a Marquis or Marchioness, a Duke or Duchess, or even a Prince or Princess of a province, and more!

Preserving a Piece of History

If you ever wanted to grow up to become a Prince or Princess as a child, then you really can make your wish come true by purchasing a royal title, and by doing so can also help a good cause. In most cases, when you buy a royal title from a company, they will have a vested interest in the preservation of the local environment and traditional customs associated with the land.

A royal title can also solve the problem of buying a unique present for that person who already has everything. It can be challenging to buy a perfect gift for someone special that is really difficult to buy for.

Gifting one of the available royal titles will have even more impact if the person you are buying for is into sustainability and doesn’t like the idea of throw-away presents. Knowing that their new title comes with a commitment to preserving a piece of ancient history, maintaining the environment, or upholding local customs is undoubtedly going to be a heartfelt gift in their eyes.

Become a ‘Royal’

Choosing from the excellent royal titles available makes an ideal gift for someone that has everything. When buying a title for yourself, it could help upgrade your life in many subtle and unexpected ways that will be great fun to experience.

You will also be buying something exceptional that will last more than a lifetime. What could be better than a royal title that means something for life rather than a throw-away present that is quickly forgotten about within a year?

And also, what could be more fun than to pay for something using a credit card that says ‘Duke or Dutchess’ and watching the expression on the face of the salesperson change for the better. What an impressive gift to give yourself or a loved one that could help to elevate your life in many unexpected ways!