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3 Tips To Buy A Car On A Budget

Owning a car is a life goal that many people have. Whilst it may be a part of the great American dream, buying your own vehicle isn’t always easy. With car prices on the rise, as well as the bump in gas, taxes, and registration, it can often be out of budget for a lot of USA residents. However, you don’t need the flashiest car around, owning a simple set of wheels is enough to take you from A to B. we’ve put together some tips to get you on your way to car ownership so you can cruise around in no time. Did someone say road trip?

  1. Consider The Total Costs

As mentioned, buying a car isn’t just about the initial spend. Insurance, taxes, and services all need to be accounted for when you purchase a new vehicle. If you have a particular make and model that you’re coveting, do some online checks before you take the plunge and purchase it. You can search for the most affordable car insurance online using the model of the car to get a rough idea of how much it will cost you. Check with your local state authority on car registration costs and how much tax you will need to pay each year to own the car.

  1. Buy Second Hand

Of course, a new car will cost a lot more than an older vehicle. Cars can lose their value in as little as a year and buying one brand new can run into the tens of thousands of dollars, even for a smaller, simpler car. If you still want something stylish without breaking the bank then opt for a car that is a few years old rather than a brand spanking new version.

Don’t feel any shame in haggling, second hand cars should come at a fair price so look for anything on the car that might warrant a discount. That could be dings and scratches, or any small damage such as windscreen wipers or headlights that have seen better days. Car salesmen expect to negotiate as do people who are selling their own used cars so push them for that bottom line!

  1. Know What Quality You’re Looking For

Quality is key when it comes to used vehicles. You’ll need to know what to look for to ensure you don’t drive off with a dud. Having a budget is good but make sure you have reasonable expectations of what to pay for a car that is in great shape internally. It’s also worth noting the opposite – just because a car looks great, doesn’t mean it’s good on the inside. Check the mileage, the brakes, the clutch, and the steering wheel, plus the quality of the wheels. These can all be expensive elements to fix, so give a car a really good test run before you exchange money. If you’re inexperienced with cars, it is worth seeking the help of a petrol-head friend to come with you on your test drive.

Are you buying a car on a budget? Let us know what you’re looking for in the comments!