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6 Rules for Better Health Maintenance for Women

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You probably dread every time you have to make your way to the hospital for an unscheduled medical examination. Having poor health will mean you occasionally spend a few extra dollars on medicinal supplies. In severe cases, it may mean that you will probably be admitted to the hospital and have to put your work life on hold.

The dance in and out of the hospital will also hurt your relationships. First, your boss will not be too happy giving you sick days every week. It may even cost you your job. It may also mean that your medical insurance premiums will rise. 

Poor health will also have an emotional impact on your spouse or family. Seeing a loved one ill and in pain is upsetting. It is frustrating because you cannot do much but get them medical help. Also, when one falls ill, the roles that the person took are taken up by other family members. The family members will have to alter their schedules and patterns to adjust to the change.

Falling sick is generally annoying and can take a toll on our mental health. The stress on your mental health may be from being locked up in a room to recuperate. It can also be from your body’s immune response to the infection. At times it may leave you weak and feeling fatigued.

That is why you must take good care of your body and avoid getting ill. You should develop a healthy lifestyle to keep your body healthy and strong enough to fight infections. But how can you do so?

  1. Mind Your Overall Nutrition

Healthy living is not easy. You need to constantly put everything you ingest under a microscope. When buying products, you will need to assess the ingredients and their impact on your health. 

You should eat food rich in minerals and vitamins while avoiding processed foods with sugar, salts, and excess calories. Being conscious of your intake will mean that you will be eating less junk food and more fresh and unprocessed foods. You also need to ensure you have a balanced diet rich in nutrients.

Probiotics are essential for good digestive health. Include items such as yogurt, sourdough bread, and some cheeses in your diet since they are good sources of probiotics.

Finally, it is advisable to take supplements. As you age, your body will need more vitamins. Get in contact with your doctor to advise you on what supplements to take. The supplements will cater to what your diet is lacking

  1. Managing Your Sex Life

Managing your sex life entails a lot of important things like keeping your genitals healthy and using condoms. There are several key areas that you need to be aware of when it comes to your sex life. 

The first thing is protecting yourself from sexually transmitted infections (STIs) such as genital herpes, syphilis, and even HIV. You need to ensure that you keep tabs on your sexual partners and their sexual activity. You should also go for regular STI screening and have your partners do the same. 

If you ever engage in casual intercourse, make sure to use condoms as they prevent the transmission of STIs. You should also take precautionary measures if you have multiple partners.

In women, multiple partners often lead to yeast infection. However, it can easily be solved by good probiotics for vaginal health. Aside from keeping your digestive tract healthy as mentioned previously, it can also be used to maintain your vagina’s pH level.

  1. Exercising

Exercise has immense benefits to your physical and mental health. Some of the benefits of regular exercise include better weight control, reduced risk of cardiovascular diseases, and lower blood pressure. You will also be in a better mood and sleep better after a workout.

Therefore, you should work out at least 3 or 4 times a week. You do not necessarily have to go to the gym every day. You can do some cardio workouts. Activities such as jogging, skipping rope, and swimming are great cardio exercises.

It is also advisable to take up some other form of exercise to build your strength and endurance. Cardio alone is not enough for your optimal fitness. You need to build muscles and work on your bone strength. Therefore, add regular trips to the gym to your workout schedule.

  1. Getting Your Shots

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Even with a healthy lifestyle you still cannot guarantee great health. You may need to get immunized for diseases or get the occasional booster shot. Most adults received vaccines as children, however, there is still a small percentage that did not get the vaccine when young.

Ensure that you have been vaccinated against mumps, measles, rubella, tetanus, diphtheria, and influenza. A Human Papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine is also essential before your first sexual encounter. Currently, the breast cancer vaccine is still being tested and it may help reduce and prevent breast cancer.

  1. Preventive Care

Apart from taking vaccines you also need to embrace a lifestyle that involves preventive care of diseases. The lifestyle entails regular visits to the hospital for routine check-ups. These should be full-body examinations to make sure everything is in good condition. Consult your doctor for a suitable time for you.

However, you should conduct self-examinations every month. You should do a cavity search, assess your skin’s health, and check for moles and lumps in your breasts regularly. Remember that most diseases and forms of cancer are better off treated in the early stages.

  1. Manage Your Vices

You should limit your alcohol intake, avoid smoking and avoid illegal drugs. The drugs may be fun to use but they pose a great health risk to your health and that of your future kids. You should not use any drug while pregnant unless it is medically prescribed by a doctor.


Maintaining good health is very important for everyone. You need to consciously decide to lead a healthy life. It may be difficult at first but with regular practice, you will get better at managing your health.

You should also consider other aspects of your health such as your emotional and mental health. Work on all areas of your health to improve your quality of life and surely, your body will thank you in the future.