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Ways to Increase Your Etsy Sales

Etsy is the perfect breeding ground for creative businesses mostly involved in making handmade crafts. If you’re already on this platform, you might be reaping the results of your labor, but there is always room to improve. Whether a store is doing very well or suffering, increasing sales should always be the objective to remain competitive and profitable. Increasing Etsy sales takes some hard work, but with commitment and dedication, it can be done. Here are valuable tricks for increasing Etsy sales.

Integrate your store with social media

If you are looking for ideas on how to increase your sales on Etsy, delve into social media marketing. E-commerce platforms go hand-in-hand with social media marketing efforts. Focus on effectively integrating social media marketing with your Etsy store and provide consistent promotional material on the chosen platforms. 

Platforms like Instagram and Facebook can be very effective in marketing Etsy listings. Build a virtual community made up of like-minded people interested in the products you are selling. Whenever there is a new release, post on social media with links directing followers to that specific listing. 

Additionally, link your social media handles to the Etsy storefront you are using. Maintaining consistent engagement with social media followers is a proven method of increasing Etsy sales and growing the store. 

Leverage coupon codes

Digital discount coupons have been used by most successful online businesses. During holiday seasons, consider offering discounted pricing on certain item listings. Alternatively, leverage coupon codes to get customers that churned their shopping carts. 

Using email marketing or other forms of promotional correspondence, offer a discount coupon on their cart when they checkout. Write a compelling message letting them know of the availability of a discount when checking out within a certain number of days. 

That can improve sales volumes and increase store growth while building a virtual community of returning buyers. Additionally, consider upselling using discount coupons to get higher sales volumes and revenue. For example, when customers check out, notify them of the discount if they buy for a certain amount. Alternatively, offer a discount on certain products when customers are checking out. 

Improving return policies

Having stern return policies is the goal for almost every Etsy store owner. Unfortunately, being too strict can hamper sales volumes because customers do not like the prospect of not being able to return a product they don’t like. 

Be reasonable and find common ground between customer expectations and what you can tolerate. Do not be unreasonably stern and avoid using terms that repel customers away from making a purchase. Configure the return policies to match those tolerances you can make and ensure that it does not run your store into losses. 

For example, you can offer free refunds for domestic sales. International sales might have to pay for their shipping when returning items. You have the freedom to improve return policies to match any preferred returning procedures and costs.

Shipping policies

Another important store policy that should be made more convenient is shipping policies. Etsy is an international platform and can connect store owners with users worldwide. Although this is a blessing, it can also be a curse if the shipping policies are not clear enough.

You must match marketing to an international audience with functional shipping policies that cater to the needs of your Etsy store. Most store policies are left to the discretion of each store owner. However, each store comes with default shipping policies that do not cater to the sales objectives of all shop owners. 

Therefore, configure this policy and flaunt it to international customers from other countries. That will go a long way toward making international sales that bring real value and guide purchasing decisions potential customers make.

Payment methods

Similar to shipping policies, the payment methods accepted on your Etsy shop must reflect the sales capabilities of the store. When offering international coverage, discover what payment methods are best for the sales goals you have charted out. 

Etsy offers customizability according to store owner preferences. Leverage this to attract more international customers and even domestic consumers. Research and discover what payment methods work best and notify customers of the options at their disposal. 

A practical method of doing this is including international payment systems like PayPal and other digital wallets. Include additional payment methods that supplement your primary preferred option, which could be an EFT through a direct bank transfer. Offering diversity can improve sales made within the country you are in and can cater to customers from different countries.