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5 Career Options for Those That Love Solving Mysteries 

There’s no denying that solving mysteries and puzzles can undoubtedly be an exciting pastime. Putting together clues and establishing common factors is challenging, engaging, and, of course, rewarding when you finally determine the solution.

While some people enjoy doing this in their free time, others want to pursue a job that encourages their creative thinking. Luckily there are plenty out there to help you test your limits.

Below we will look at just five career options for those who love to solve mysteries.

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The number one job for those who love to solve mysteries is a detective. These individuals are a part of law enforcement and work towards solving crimes related to various fields.

Before you commit, it’s important that you look carefully into how to become a detective in the UK. Sherlock Holmes and Nancy Drew may make it seem easy, but it’s an extensive process that requires a lot of hard work and dedication.

Crime Scene Technician

Similar to a detective, a crime scene technician works on solving cases. However, instead of questioning witnesses, they focus more on forensic science.

Their primary role is to examine, collect and transport evidence from a scene and help recreate the crime. Sound exciting but still not sure if it’s right for you? A few other fields in the forensic industry include:

– Blood Splatter Analyst

– DNA Analyst

– Ballistics Expert

– Fingerprint Analyst


If history is more of your passion, becoming an archaeologist may be another career choice to look further into. These professionals study past cultures to see how they lived and survived back in ancient times.

Of course, you may already know about the excavation of sites, but there are a lot more tasks involved in this field. Alongside discovering artifacts, they must take accurate records, manage team members, and document their findings.

Ethical Hacker

We may picture hackers as shady individuals who wear all black and sit behind a computer screen, but many don’t understand that it’s possible to be an ethical hacker. Companies search for professionals who can infiltrate their system in an attempt to make their security stronger.

It’s up to you to crack passwords and codes and figure out exactly where cyber threats and attacks could occur. It’s certainly a good option for those with interest in computer science.

Puzzle Maker

Did you know that it’s possible to become a puzzle maker? Yep, if you put your heart into it, you can create and sell your puzzles, ranging from crosswords to computer games and even interactive room escapes.

There are so many options and routes for you to consider, making it the perfect choice to start your own business. But, of course, designing unique puzzles is easier said than done, so make sure to get to work!

Final Words

And that’s it! These were just five career options for those that love solving mysteries. What do you think? Are there any other jobs that you would add to this list?