Coffee Break

Stream Jesus

Learning about Jesus is much easier nowadays when you tune in to a Christian Network. There are endless varieties of content to choose from and you can enjoy your enlightenment through other ways besides attending church.

Different Types of Content

You can choose between Christian movies, Christian podcasts, Christian television, and even Christian worship sermons. There are movies that depict many of the biblical passages, bringing the most epic stories to life. Many believers like yourself also share their personal stories of how God’s love manifested in their lives.

No Inappropriate Material

By eliminating television that is detrimental to your relationship with God and replacing it with God’s word, you’ll feel much closer to Him. His love will fill your hearts with joy, and you’ll have a sense of peace unlike any other. It could be difficult at first if you are used to binging on content that the world condones. Once you surrender to God and allow him to work wonders in your life, you’ll be less interested in the things that would bring you counterfeit happiness.

Jesus Promotes Fun

Being a Christian does not have to be boring. Jesus loves and encourages fun and there are even channels and programs dedicated to fitness, all while keeping God’s plan and His laws into consideration. The body you move in was given to you by Him and Jesus wants you to take care of it as it honors Him.

Aids in Learning The Bible and Jesus

If you struggle to fully comprehend The Word, watching Christian Television could give you clarity on a matter that you weren’t sure about. God always answers prayers/questions and his unfolding is in perfect timing. “Ask and it is given. ” God reassures. God can sometimes speak to us through other people as The Holy Spirit Dwells within each and every one of us. Have you ever listened to a sermon and it resonated within you and you felt a tugging at your heart?

Brings The Family Together

Watching Christian television will bring you and your family together. There is content that is family-friendly so you don’t have to worry about covering your children’s ears or eyes when The enemy tries sneaking up on the screen. Watch t.v during and after supper, and early morning before you go to work and the parents go to school. In a world where spiritual warfare is real, it matters what programs are playing at home.


Author bio- 

Christopher McDaniel earned his BFA, in 1983, from Virginia Commonwealth University. Since 1992 Chris has been producing “Time in the Word”, a flagship television program of ReJOYce IN JESUS Ministry. He consults with ministries nationwide on building & training their own TV/video production teams. He currently is working to help Hosanna Broadcasting Network.